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31 Jan

Homemade Face Scrub How To Clean Your Face Naturally At Home

Homemade face scrub How To Clean Your Face Naturally At Home Without Using Toxic Face Wash

How to make a natural coconut oil facial / body scrub

Things You need for Homemade face scrub-

1.Coconut oil

2.Baking Soda

3.A bowl

4.A spoon



1.Pour a small amount of baking soda in the bowl

2.Use your spoon to break apart big chunks until all the chunks are out

3.Add same amount of coconut oil in your bowl

4.Stir until mixed

5.Microwave for 20 seconds

6.If not melted completely microwave for 10-15 seconds more

7.Stir and make sure all the mixture is mixed

8.Put the mixture in the freezer for 5-10 minutes

9.After 5-10 minutes you should have a very thick mixture


Homemade face scrub :- Dont worry it will melt when applied to your face or body since the coconut oil melts at body temprature

Baking soda makes it have a gritty feel to it which helps make it a scrub.Use it as a Facial scrub and it will make your skin very smooth polished and calm.Combination of both will treat your acne scars, breakouts and redness.For dry and rough skin it the best measure to make it smooth and clean. Can you imagine why this combination works. Coconut oil is a usual antiseptic agent and helps to clear pores by fighting against it and removal it of germs.. Baking soda works well at clean-up our skin because it’s efficient at controlling pH since it’s not excessively acidic , rather it right in the middle. When it gets in contact with skin and things in our pores that are also alkaline it logically reacts to counterbalance them and leaves us with unbiased, balanced skin

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