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10 Jan

How to Create a New Facebook Group

How To Create A New Facebook Group Step by Step Guide

Facebook groups enable people of the same interests and goals to come together so as to share different ideas and communicate with one another in much easier way. You may be a member of different Facebook groups meaning that you know how the groups work. If you are planning to create a Facebook group, here are the key steps that you should follow.

1. While on you homepage, go to the Groups section and here you will see "Add Group" option. Click it. Another quick option of accessing this option is by typing this URL

2. Click "Create New Group"  and it is here that the process of creating a new group will commence. On clicking this button, group ideas box will appear. You will be required to choose one idea. Once you choose a group idea,  the create page will load on the screen.

3. Name the group by giving it any name that you want . Choose a name that suits the group's goals and interests.

4. Add members: Before proceeding with other steps, Facebook requires you to add one of your friends into the group.

5. Privacy settings: Choose privacy settings that you would want your group to have. These settings are as follows;

  • Open: Anyone can seethe group, see its members and view all the posts.
  • Closed: Group members are the only one that can see the posts. Anyone can see the group and the members that are in the group.

6. Click "Create" button so as to create your group.

7. Choose an icon or an avatar that will help you to identify the group with much ease.

8. Fill in the "About" section by giving a brief description about your group.

9. Group Image Settings: Here you will be able to use images from group members, upload a photo by yourself or use a photo that is already in the group.

10. Edit Group Settings: This option gives  you powers to change all the group's settings that you had made while creating the group. As a group admin, you can turn the notifications on so that everyone will be notified once a new post has been added.

Invite more people into the the group and there you have it, your own Facebook group!

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