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10 Jan

What Is Anxiety Amazing Tips How To Deal With Anxiety – AC

What is anxiety how to deal with anxiety

How to deal with anxiety :- Anxiety can be described as a natural human response which involves a complete involvement of body and mind. It is one of the basic activity of the body required for ones survival. The time a person feels any threat or any kind of danger , an alarm system is activated in the body and when the body and the mind works together, there is a physical sensation of anxiety that can be witnessed as increased heart beat, heavy breathing, sweaty palms, tense muscles, trembling hands and legs. This is a fright fight reaction of the body against any kind of danger. In this situation there is a rush of adrenalin and chemicals that help the body to make a quick getaway from the danger. These reactions can be mild or even extreme.

Every individual experiences feelings of anxiety at some point of time. One might feel nervous or frightened. Generally, these situations don’t actually threaten any person’s life or safety but can initiate a sensation of fear.

Since anxiety makes a person alert, focused; a little anxiety can help by improving his performance but a very strong anxiety can make him tongue tied or unable to do what he is asked to do.
Anxiety disorders are generally mental health conditions that include excessive anxiety, nervousness, tension or fear. The symptoms of these diseases can emerge suddenly or can be built gradually till the person realizes that there is something wrong.
Students usually face this anxiety disorder just before some important test or exams. This type of anxiety is known as test anxiety, where there is a sense of failing or poor performance.

Experts don’t exactly know that what is the actual cause for these anxiety disorders but the reasons may vary from genetics to brain bio chemistry or an overactive fright fight response or any learned behavior.

These anxiety disorders can be treated by therapists who can look into the symptoms someone is dealing with, and the plan of action to get relief. They might suggest some relaxation techniques or breathing exercises or some medication. One needs to get enough of sleep, a proper balanced and fully nourished diet and regular exercise in order to fight these anxiety disorders. One also is supposed to connect with nature to relieve out stress and above all develop a positive attitude because anxiety can be cured and the cure lies within us

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