hirsutism treatment
15 Jan

Hirsutism Treatment How To Deal With Hirsutism – AC

Hirsutism treatment how to deal with hirsutism

Hirsutism treatment

Hirsutism is the excessive growth of facial or body hair on
It is an embarrassing condition causing a lot of emotional pain
It may be due one of the following causes:
Ø Polycystic ovary syndrome
Ø Excessive sensitivity of hair follicles to testosterone.
Ø Insulin resistance
Ø Cushing syndrome

Hirsutism treatment

1. Medications:
There are many medications for treating Hirsutism prescribed by
a doctor according to main cause of condition.
a. Birth control pills.
b. Spironolactone.
c. Steroid medication.
d. GnRH Analogs.

2. Vaniqa (elfornithine):
It is a topical cream slow down the growth of facial hair.

3. Temporary hair removal:
There are many ways like waxing, plucking and bleaching but
most of the time they are not effective and cause a lot of pain.
The simplest and safest way to remove hair is shaving

4. Permanent hair removal:
· Electrolysis but is not effective and
· Laser it is the most effective way to
treat women suffering from

Hirsutism treatment

5. Natural remedies for treating Hirsutism:
a. Green tea, drinking green tea is very effective
because it has antiandrogenic effect.
b. Lettuce, It contains chromium that helps weight loss
and increase the efficiency of insulin.
c. Drinking
d. Spearmint tea and lavender
e. Eating enough amount of protein.

6. Weight loss:
Reduce your weight some pounds, it is better for your own
health and it helps to manage your Hirsutism.

7. Exercise:
It will improve your insulin sensitivity and weight loss.

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