How to Deal With Sexual Frustration
10 Aug

How to Deal With Sexual Frustration

Sexual frustration is a common thing among many people and it happens in many different ways. It may range from not having a sexual partner at all to having a partner who does not fulfilling your sexual fantasies. The feeling leaves you empty and dejected given the strong attachment that is there between sex and human beings. Rather than surrendering, you can use the following techniques to deal with sexual frustration.

1. Seek alternative ways of getting intimate

Most of the times sexual frustration could be as a result of one partner not being emotionally ready. This state of mind can lead to total rejection of your sexual advances and if you manage to go ahead, the sex may be mechanical. Rather than sleeping with your frustrations try to engage into alternative intimate ways such as caressing or having an intimate conversation.

2. Be the initiate sex

Sometimes your partner may not initiate sex not because he or she does not want it. It may be because you have not shown cues of being in the mood for he game. Rather than giving up, be the one to initiate it. Show that you want it by taking charge of the process right from the foreplay.  You will soon be joined by a super-charged sexual partner and your frustrations will dissapear into the air.

3. Open it out

Remaining mum on you frustrations won't help to solve anything. Infact it will worsen the situation and lead to much bigger problems. Discussing your needs with your partner will remove one of the biggest hurdles. You may be having different sexual desires but once you talk to each other  you will sort out pertinent issues.

4. Masturbate

There are situations which can force you to literally take matters into your own hands. This is because there  are some types of sexual frustrations that cannot be controlled simply because your partner is not physically available for you or may be ill. Try any form of masturbation till you reach the climax. By pleasurising yourself, you will be releasing stress and anxiety that could have accumulated as a result of sexual frustration.

5. Be yourself

In some cases, sexual frustrations could be a s a result of trying to please your partner and in the process, you forget about yourself. Sometimes you may be thinking that your standards are lower than of your partner hence you will be pretending to be someone else. Just be yourself.

6. Do not focus on orgasm

Thinking that sex is all about getting an orgasm is a wrong allusion. When your mind is fixed into this thought,  then prepare to be sexually frustrated several times. You will always be feeling frustrated when one of you fails to climax during sex.  Enjoy sex as it is without having a fixed mind.

7. Experiment on new things

 Doing the same thing over a long period of time can lead to a bring sex life. It is from this boredom that one becomes sexually frustrated as you go into sex expecting nothing new. talk to your partner about introducing new things such as new sex styles, toys, watching erotic movies together and many more.

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