01 Jan

How to download facebook video

Since the introduction of video sharing feature, Facebook has been giving Youtube a run for its money. Thousands of videos are being uploaded and downloaded by millions of users of this giant social network. Right now it is even possible to download music videos of top artistes or even downloading your favourite movie from Facebook. Here are the steps that will help you to do it.

Use SaveFrom.Net

SaveFrom is a popular wbsite that has een used for many years to download videos from Youtube. The website can now be used to download videos from Facebook.   First you will need to install SaveFrom.net helper extension into your browser. When a video is playing on Facebook, a green arrow will appear beside it. Clicking on this arrow will give you options to download the video in different forrmats and sizes.

Download directly from Savefrom.net

You can download videos from Savefrom.net website without involving a middleware application. Just copy the video link and paste it directly in the  input field of the site. A download button will appear and once you click on it, the dowload process ill start.

Without using an extra software

You can still get that video that you have just watched without using any kind of sofware. All you need to do is edit the link to that video. Replace the "www" that is at the beginning of a URL with "m". Instead of https://www.facebook.com/story/myvideo add the "m" so that it becomes  https://m.facebook.com/story/myvideo . Your video will appear on a full screen and the only task remaining is to right-click on the video then select "save as" option.

On Android phone

Many android users access Facebook using Facebook android app. This does not mean that you can't get the videos into your mobile device. Go to Google playstore and search for Facebook video downloader apps. They may are different apps in the store but most of them work in a similar way. As your videos will be playing, the app will be seeking your permission to download the video.

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