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19 Mar

How to French Kiss 10 Tips

In a relationship or in a date, you need to learn to French kiss like an expert. This will enable you to maintain your good relationship or even win over that person you admire. Carefully follow the tips and your girl will never leave you.  They have helped dozens of lovers and lovebirds. They are now experts in French kiss.

Maintain good oral hygiene

Avoid foul mouth or bad breath. This will put off any girl. Maintain your oral hygiene if you want to use your tongue and lips regularly in the French kiss.  Best French kiss mostly uses the lips and tongue. For this reason, it is important to maintain brushing your teeth atleast twice in a day to keep your mouth clean and fresh. To enhance fresh breath, chew scented gums and mints.

Having hydrated lips

Dry lips are very uncomfortable in French kiss. It is important to make sure your lips are well hydrated before getting or giving the kiss. There are many ways of hydrating your lips. For example you can lick them before kissing. However, this is a temporary measure. The best thing to do is get some moisturizers like lip gloss or lip balms. In addition, drink lots of fluids to maintain hydration. Always drink water regularly to keep your skin well hydrated.

Signal before giving French kiss

Do not shock her with the French kiss. Let her know you are going to do it. It might take you some effort, but it is worth it. Do not force, rather let her ease in to the French kiss.  This will turn her on and make things work in your favor.

Lower or close your eyes

Giving a French kiss with your eyes open seems really awkward. Hence, it is best to close them at least. You can also leave them partially open when giving the French kiss.  The whole idea is to make your partner feel comfortable when kissing back. It also makes the mood tantalizing and not nervous. Draw her closer to you with your arms before the kiss to make it all very special

Breathe deeply

Take a deep breath before the French kiss. Inhale through your nose when kissing her lips. Get enough air through your nose so you don’t pass out. This also serves to keep the two of you from running out of breath.

Be dominant and gentle

Lead the way without forcing it. Forcing it may make her uncomfortable and kill the mood. Ease your partner into the kiss without overdoing it. Draw her closer to your for a gentle embrace with eye contact. Stoke her face by running your hand through your partner’s hair. This creates an atmosphere or intimacy.

Do not overdo the tongue

Let it be less tongue and not too much. One of the main characteristic of French kiss is that the tongue eases into the kiss itself. Leave the tongue at a minimum as less is more. Ease into play and note her response. Take note not to add too much too soon so as not to escalate it when she is not ready.

Sucking and licking her tongue and lips

Do not just kiss ensure your put more effort into the act itself.  This means that please do mix it up a little. You can gently suck her lower lip and top lip to make her respond favorably.

Tease her a little

The teasing should start before the French kiss is given. Vary the teasing; wrap your arms around her body to make her feel comfortable. Talk to your partner in between. Break eye contact and vary your kisses. Pull away; play around a little then meet her again to make it more interesting.

Touch the nip of her neck and cheek

This adds extra sensation to your French kiss. Do not be afraid to touch your partner. Getting closer to her will make her more comfortable. With your hands massage her cheek while kissing her.

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