How to Get a Degree Online
05 Dec

How to Get a Degree Online – AC

The term Globalization is incomplete in itself till a mention of science and technology‘s contribution is acknowledged. Science and technological advancement can succeed if it manages to bring maximum beneficiaries under its progressive umbrella. An element that has incremented the rate of scientific growth is digitalization. Digitalization has become the synonym of efficacy in the technological growth from most products to each and every field. Digitalization if partnered with transparency, precision and reach transform itself into reliability.

The biggest impact of computer age is seen in an education system . Earlier, bright students themselves felt helpless when it came to higher education. Such impediments were countering students residing in the remote locations of any country. If the parents were not self sufficient to support their children for higher studies in terms of financial assistance, then students have to compromise with the prevailing orthodox pattern followed in their vicinity. In major cases it was very difficult to pursue studies and job within the same time frame. I am thankful to the patrons of an internet age that allowed information and knowledge to flow in the same river with a similar current.

Fortunately, number of options are available now a days towards adding degrees and certificates to your folder of qualification. Online courses provide us with best options and more choices regarding viability of places, time and money. To mention a very few Med varsity Online Ltd and Symbiosis, Pune are the two names those are quite popular in India.

Medvarsity offers courses for medical students, practicing Doctors, nursing staff, pharmacy students, pharmacy graduates and bachelors across many disciples. Interested candidates may apply on line or physically fill in the form provided by the MOL’s ( Medvarsity Online Ltd) representative. Most of the interested candidates fill in the form online and accordingly deposit the fee for a selected course through the website by the opted payment gateway. After the successful submission of an application and deposition of a fee, candidates are provided with a unique registration number .The given registration number to a candidate is a valid number to trace the progress and details of the candidate. Provision of registration number is accompanied by the dispatch of study material physically by the MOL. Moreover, enrolled candidates are provided access to the online modules, literatures and other online study material. A short while from receiving necessary material regarding a particular course in which the student is enrolled ,candidates are intimated about the duration in which they are supposed to appear on line for an examination online. After the successful completion of text papers, candidates are granted a certificate regarding their courses.

Similarly, Symboisis International University and its subsidiary unit Symboisis center for distance learning has been offering enough courses of distance learning for an aspiring students in India and abroad. There are quality Post graduate diploma courses being offered by the discussed university for more than a decade. The procedure towards enrolment with the university is very transparent. After an enrolment and deposition of a requisite fee by a candidate with the Symboisis centre for distance learning. An enrolled candidate is provided by a registration number by an above agency. Soon after that a study material relevant to a particular course and a semester is couriered by the SCDL.After a specified duration students have to pass all the semesters through the Online Exams organized during regular intervals with a respectable percentage of marks. After the successful completion of semesters in terms of passing in the Online exams candidates are given a Degree relevant to a particular course in which they were registered.

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