How to Get a Free Car if You Have a Disability
05 Dec

How to Get a Free Car if You Have a Disability – AmazeCraze

 It is a very valid question and a difficult proposition if you are a resident of some nation where social security services are not encouraged ie most of the Asian nations. European nations had have been doing a commendable job towards ensuring a comfortable life style to the temporarily and permanently disabled beings ie United States, United Kingdom etc.Reason is quite simple to understand because social security services are immensely powerful in the European block.

It is not like that most Asians neglect the disabled or differently abled citizens of their respective nation’s deliberately. Infect, car and cab are more or less assumed a luxury commodities according to major component of their nations population respectively. On the other hand it is assumed and believed as a mandatory affair in developed European nations. In Asian countries like India one can get a free car under the heads that are listed below for your reference:–

  • If a disabled or a differently abled being is a part of active duty military family :–

Under an above head after furnishing necessary medical proofs of disability and much called necessity of a car on a reasonably effective ground, a person can get a free car officially towards discharge of his or her official duties according to the pronunciation of the respective departments’ policy.

  • Non Profit ,non government organization and social organizations can provide a free car :—

If there is some dedicatedly non government organization working towards ensuring a comfortable life to the especially abled individuals it can provide a car for an indefinite duration. But the disabled or his presenter must be able to establish the necessity of a car for the sufferer according to his previous life before disability, nature of work and medically authentic documents. Definitely, it is a sole discretion of the authorities of the NPO, NGO and SO to accept and reject the requisition.

  • Communication with local churches can get you a car:—

We all appreciate that Churches are nonprofit organizations. Some reasonably rich individuals may donate car to the Church more as a social gesture and little towards tax write off. Members in the committee of the Church can donate a car if they substantially believe that a particular individual is disabled and car has become a mandatory affair towards leading his or her life in a better way. Unfortunately, in most of the cases Car is donated to those needy individuals those had have been associated with the Church for years towards offering prayers but it is not assumed as a reasonable ground for a donation. Reason being, it is a donation not an agreement at all.

In the developed countries of Europe all above three cases are considered an effective grounds towards providing a free car.Moreover,a specially abled person can get a free car in the under mentioned situations as well :–

  1. If a person has been living in a transitional shelter due to an unavoidable situation of insurgency in a particular province of the country.
  2. If a person is a victim of natural disasters like hurricane or tornado.
  3. Transitioning from public assistance to a working place.
  4. If a person is a working poor ie below national poverty line of a nation.
  5. If a person is a victim of domestic violence then he or she can get a free car as a help towards becoming self dependant.

There are other grounds those are considered towards giving a free car to an individual in countries like US and UK.

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