How to get a guy to kiss you
29 Aug

Amazing Easy Tips How To Get A Guy To Kiss You – AC

How to get a guy to kiss you?

Its a wonderful day and you have decided to go to a date with the guy of your choice. Not that you are a regular to the dating circle. May be you got introduced to the guy in the last get together at   your friend's place. You liked the young intelligent guy whom you feel a match for you. You spent very little time with him. You wanted to be with him for more time and talk a lot of things, get closer to him and wanted him to give a passionate kiss holding you strongly in his arms. But the time and the surroundings with so many people around did not allow you.

You felt connected with the guy and wanted more than just talk. Perhaps he is the person with whom you can go ahead and give the first kiss. But that that should be done in a more apt atmosphere and with a lot of care so that the experience becomes one to remember and at the same time enjoyable.

With this preamble we move forward to give you some tips as to how you can make your guy to kiss you.

You might have spent some time together during the day of your date when you feel the strong urge to show your love and affection to your guy and have the perfect first kiss.

Get his attention towards your lips

 Try and get the attention of your guy towards your beautiful lips which is the most important to get a kiss.  Order for an ice cream. While licking it allow some ice cream to roll down the lips and lick it up with your tongue or try to give a soft bite on the lower lips to prevent the cream from rolling down further.

Also you may wear a mild smile looking at him and then look down with some shame while biting your lips slightly. Your man will always like a shame on you which is more inviting.

These are good hints to your man to prepare himself and make some move towards kissing you.

Maintaining beautiful lips

 Rough and chapped dry lips are not at all pleasant feeling while you plan to kiss your guy. Use Vaseline regularly to maintain soft smooth crack free lips. Use good quality lips stick and lip gloss to make the lips bright and shining. Do not over do, as much use of lip gloss may make your lips sticky which in turn will give a disagreeable experience to your guy during kissing. Use a smear proof lip stick otherwise your guy will not like a colourful face after kissing you.

Use of touch to arouse his feelings

You can rub against his fingers and hand while taking a stroll side by side. Also let your shoulders rub against his. This will give him a hint that you really like him and want to come closer and you are willing to kiss once he makes the first move.

Use of eye contact

 You can make eye contact with him but the contact should be soft and benign with a loving feeling. Do not stare hard which may ward him off. Looking at his eyes intermittently for short duration and getting down your eyes gently away form him will speak volumes and hint him that you want a kiss. If you are standing side by side get closer and look at his eyes softly. You can whisper into his ears coming very close which will again instigate him to look at you and come closer to you to kiss you.

Direct invitation for kissing

 When you are near him get close to him slowly. You can just brush your lips on his ears and then give a soft kiss on his cheeks. Then as if you are turning your face let your lips touch his. This shows that you have not taken the first move but strongly sends the message that you are in for more and more than ready to be kissed. This is the final effort you can put in. Any normal man should respond to this if he has similar feeling about you. He will not resist such a clear and straightforward signal to kiss.

If the above method does not work and your man is too shy to make the first move you have to do it. Guys many times shy away in fear of a resistance or a strong 'no' to their move, by their beloved lady. In such a situation go ahead and kiss kim. Who told that girls cannot make the first move. Draw your man with all the compassion, hands around his neck and give him a lovely kiss. He will definite return back the kiss.

Your oral hygiene

 Last but not the least, most important point to stress upon is that when you are going to meet your guy and plan a loving kiss from him the first time, you should be perfect as far as your oral hygiene is concerned. You should have used nice toothpaste to brush your teeth and may use a good mouth wash to be in your best for the moment. You can use a good mouth perfume to make it more appealing. But be choosy in selecting the flavour as if you get a wrong flavour your man may get irritated instead of getting attracted.

Dressing up well will manifest your beautiful figure and definitely give you an attractive look which will draw your man towards you and lead him to  kiss you. Using an attractive perfume  will add to the situation.

Next time you plan to get your guy to kiss you try the above methods and definitely you will succeed and have a memorable day of your life.

Till the time you get your man to kiss you allow me to leave and work on  some more point to help you.

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