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How to get strong bones with food Amazing best food to make bones strong


Bones are the core element of human body. They give basic structure and stability to the human body. Thus it’s very important to keep this vital structure as healthy as possible to conserve a healthy structure and lifelong stability.                  

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On a cellular level bones are constantly being built and resorbed; this is called “Bone Remodelling”.  It is resorbed from some areas and built on the other, this only happens up to the age of 30 and after that more resorbtion takes place than rebuilding. To make sure this bone is of the best quality, there are a few things which can help. This includes some food items and other lifestyle modifications which are discussed as follows.                                    

  1. YOGURT:  Yogurt has the biggest Calcium reserve of all foods. 90% of the Calcium is stored in bones which makes it healthy and strong and also aids in bone building and transfer of nerve impulses. Thus it is essential to keep bones high on calcium to fulfill this demand the best way possible. Daily requirement of calcium (19-50 years):  1000mg
  • It is said that yogurt has even Calcium more than milk
  • One cup of yogurt fulfills 42% of our daily Calcium Requirement
  • It also fulfills 20% of our daily Vitamin D requirement. Vitamin D is essentail for calcium to be absorbed and used up by our body. Daily Vitamin D requirement: 2000-4000 I.U. (International Units)
  • It can also be eaten by people who have lactose Intolerance ( a gastrointestinal condition in which body is unable to digest milk sugar called Lactose)
  1. MILK:  Milk has second biggest Calcium reserve.
  • 1 cup of low-fat milk fulfills 30% of our daily calcium requirement.
  • Other than Calcium milk also has other Vitamins.
  • It also has a Carbohydrate called Lactose which needs an enzyme, Lactase, to be digested which is not present in Lactose Intolerant individuals thus they can’t take milk.
  1. CHEESE:

  • Being a derivative Cheese also has a good amount of Calcium stored in it.
  • Mozzarella cheese has the highest amount of calcium.
  1. FISH:

  • Fish has Calcium but not a very huge amount. The only reason it is considered to play a part in healthy bones is because it is the only naturally occurring source of Vitamin D other than sunlight.
  • Sardines when taken in cooked form provide 325mg of Calcium per 4oz. serving.
  • Tuna and Salmon if taken once a day fulfill your day’s requirement of Vitamin D.

  • Green vegetables are yet another rich source of Calcium and can easily be incorporated in our daily meals.
  • Green Vegetables like Spinach are extremely rich in Calcium and 1 cup of cooked spinach gives 245mg of Calcium. (Some researchers say that spinach has oxalic acid which hinders its absorption from the gut.)
  • Broccoli, which is another green, rich in Calcium, Vegetable if taken 1 cup Daily gives 90mg of Calcium. Other than this it also has Cancer fighting substances.                   
  1. EGGS:

  • Eggs like fish are very rich in vitamin D but only egg yolk has Vitamin D not egg white.
  • When taken with milk it is said to be one power pack meal and boosts up your energy.                                          
  1. NUTS:

  • Almonds have the highest amount of calcium per serving than any other food.
  • Figs are also rich in calcium. 10 figs=269mg of Calcium.                             
  1. HERBS:

  • To add a touch of Calcium in every meal we take it is suggested that you add herbs and spices like Basil, Thyme, Dill, Cinnamon, Peppermint leaves. These may have little amount of Calcium in them but add to our daily requirement.
  1. OTHER IMPORTANT MINERALS: Though Calcium and Vitamin D is core elements for bone health there are a few other minerals which when added to our meals may optimize the utilization of the above mentioned two. These are:               
  • Magnesium: Magnesium helps our body to absorb and retain Calcium. It also decreases the effect of Alcohol and sugar consumption and increases calcium reserves. Swiss chard and spinach are very rich in Magnesium. It is also fund in nuts, seeds, whole grain, seafood, legumes.
  • Phosphorous: it works with Calcium to build bones. It is found in dairy, poultry, nuts, whole grain.
  1. LIFESTYLE MODIFICATIONS:  Along with improving dietary habits one can also improve bone health with lifestyle modifications:
  • Exercise; immobilization causes obesity which makes bones weaker.
  • More alkaline food and less acidic food. Acidic food ends to resorb teeth directly and all the other bones, indirectly.
  • Avoiding Calcium draining substances like Alcohol, Caffeine (tea, coffee), salt, soft drinks.
  • Taking calcium supplements.
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