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14 Feb

Dry skin on feet How to heal cracked heels faster

How to heal cracked heels  dry skin on feet faster ?

If you’re lacking correct foot care cracked skin on feet are you looking to fix dry skin on feet , you will have heels  dry skin on feet that will became very cracked. There are no oil glands in the least within the skin of our feet and they’re extremely doubtless to become dry skin on feet and cracked . Lack of wet inflicting cracked feet and heels is apparent, however cracked feet also can be caused by medical conditions likewise. aged folks, those with polygenic disease, or folks with athlete’s foot area unit all in danger for developing severely cracked feet.

Cracked feet  dry skin on feet are bad and as well as very painful. This often happen, when the cracks move deep into the sensitive stratum layer of the skin. If you’re susceptible to plenty of standing you will additionally develop cracked feet. An excessive amount of pressure on the foot pad can cause this. Vitamin deficiencies of polyunsaturated fatty acid and Zinc also will leave feet dry skin on feet and cracked.

Banana pack :

Banana has natural healing property. It can be very effective to heal cracked heel very faster and helps to remove dry skin on feet .

Directions :

1. Take a Banana and mash it to make a paste.

2. Put this paste onto the affected areas of the heels and leave for leave for twenty minutes.

3. Wash off when dried completely.


Avocado and coconut oil :

Coconut oil and avocado paste is the best way to heel cracked heels fast. Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties to remove that dirty microbes that reside inside the crack and help to fix dry skin on feet.

Direction :

1. Mash avocado and add two tablespoon of coconut oil and massage on heels.

2. Put on soaks and leave it overnight.

Olive and almond oil :

Olive oil is an excellent moisturizer. Almond oil is another best remedy to heel cracked feet. These oils when massaged on the affected areas will stimulate the blood circulation to make that area heal faster.

Direction :

1. Mix two tablespoons of olive and almond oil and massage it onto the heels.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is beneficial for rejuvenating skin. It has been used to treat many skin problems. It is wonderful remedy to heal those cracked heels and also prevent cracking for the next time.


1. You can take it in supplement form. You can also get it in raw form and apply onto the cracked heels.

2. You may also add it into your diet by taking avocado, apricots and papaya.

Listerine and vinegar :

Listerine can very effective to treat wounds caused by cracks.


1. Mix Listerine with vinegar in appropriate proportions.

2. Then massage it on your feet and leave it for several hour and then wash off.


Formaldehdye is always has been very effective for cracking heels. You can use formaldehyde in the form of liquid and also in the form of creams to apply on the affected areas.

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