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So you want to kiss the beautiful girl but want to know how to kiss a girl – but does not know whether she's interested or you do not know how well go for a kiss? The kiss can be seemas daunting as rocket science, but there are some things that you can do your chances of an incredible kiss. Start with Step 1, to find out what you can do to kiss a girl like a pro.

1.Be alone with her

This the 1st step to how to kiss a girl ? This is probably the most important thing that you can do romantic kiss. If you try to kiss a girl in front of her friends will think that they try to show it as a trophy. Instead, they act as an intimate and special time ensure that you are alone with her. From these tactics package to pull her away.

2. Set the mood.

This the 2ndstep to how to kiss a girl ? Make sure the environment is romantic, and half the job is done. By establishing an enchanting scene effort to convey your feelings, and easier to let her see you in a pleasant way. Here's how to do it:

Find a place with dim lighting. It is quite possible, so charming to come in daylight, but not easy. Instead, find a setting that the lighting that gives a sense of romance is awarded.

3. Continue to focus on her conversation

This the 3rdstep to how to kiss a girl ? If you want a kiss at any time in the next hour, the conversation steers away from anything that might be offensive or insulting. A brief overview of what to do:

  •         Not mentioned:
  •         How do you think other girls are amazing. Seriously, do not implement each.
  •         Anything you do not like in your life / all the things bad. The Complaint is not
  •         The things you want to discuss with your male friends.
  •         Body functions. Never.

4. Make a compliment.

This the 4thstep to how to kiss a girl ? Everyone likes to be complimented, and the girls are no exception. A compliment is an ideal way for you which means you want to kiss while making you feel beautiful and loved. Here's a quick primer, such as:

        Concentrate on something really happy about it. If you can, try to do something that is about her compared to other people special and unique that you know. A compliment that really means always sound better than anything to do, so chooses carefully.

5. Be spontaneous.

This the 5thstep to how to kiss a girl ? Most girls like guys who are spontaneous. An example would be if you go with it and not many people around him and then suddenly stop her, put your arms around her waist and pull them up and go into the kiss. If she denies do not think it is a big problem (because it is not), do not feel bad about it. It stays with you, right? Please try again after some time in a different way.

6. Test the water.

This the 6thstep to how to kiss a girl ? If you are unsure whether or not she wants you to kiss her, to try to do some small details. If she seems to like to have you in her space, you can move forward. Here are some possible movements are ordered by intense intensive.

7. Hold her hand

This the 7thstep to how to kiss a girl ? If you walk beside her, she had her hands at her side, just grab one, if you are sitting next to each other and do not have arms crossed, go ahead.

8. Put your arm around her shoulders.

This the 8thstep to how to kiss a girl ? It is not necessary to make a big deal about it – when next to you, go ahead and rest your arm slightly sitting on his shoulders. When she snuggled closer, you can hold more.

9. Go for a hug.

This the 9th step to how to kiss a girl ? Hold it long for four or five seconds. If she like it seems you can try to move in for a kiss.

10. Look for signs that she is interested.

This the 10th step to how to kiss a girl ? Note that you will not be able to collect all these on every girl – some can be very shy and closed their feelings, even if they are interested in a man. But here are some common signs that you are going in the right direction:

It starts conversations, made a joke, or otherwise try to get their attention.

She looks at you, and look away quickly when you see it.

She blushed when talking about him.

11. Breaking the kiss of the barrier.

This the 11thstep to how to kiss a girl? If you kiss like a big leap from the mouth to hug, you can try the "small" kiss.
Slowly raise your hand to your mouth (absolutely not that saliva) and kiss the back of it. This looks like an old world and the chivalrous gesture, and most girls love.
        Give him a kiss on the cheek. Try not to crush and "hit" as you would if you were kissing a parent. Instead, keep the lips soft and manometer. If you're really brave, you can angle on the side of the mouth or ear.

12. Eye contact.

This the 12thstep to how to kiss a girl ? Before kissing her, locking eyes. This is a clear sign that you think about the kiss. If she moves away or abruptly changing the subject, hold offthe kiss. If she seems comfortable, however, go further.

13. Sit slowly and pause for a second.

This the 13thstep to how to kiss a girl ? Move your face at a slower pace to her, so she has plenty of time to return. (Tilt your head slightly opposite to her, otherwise the nose would be the right way.) Stopping just before it reaches the lips.

        If she moves away or talk begins what, not this one. Do not take it too hard, and try again again.
        If she does not move, which probably means that you can go ahead and kiss her. (Or better yet, she can move into the final stretch and kiss you.)

14. Keep your kisses soft and light (at first)

This the 14thstep to how to kiss a girl ? This is especially necessary if this is your first kiss with the girl – you do not want to seem offensive or unskilled. Lightly brush her lips against her, to keep the pressure as smooth as possible. Once you have done this several times, shift your focus gently kiss his lower lip, so is yours.

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