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08 Jun

Learn How to Kiss Best Kissing Tips for Girls & Guys – AC

how to kiss

How to Kiss

How to kiss This is a topic that surprisingly doesn't trouble most people. However, kissing is probably the best way to portray your affection to your partner. This being a manifestation of your emotions towards them, it has to be at least next to flawless. The truth of the matter is that most people don't really know how to kiss well and that's why they don't do it often. When to kiss When done right, a kiss can be very fun and should be the most memorable moment of the time you spend with your partner. That said, below are some kissing tips that should help you spice up your romance with your partner. You should however note that different people have different likes and dislikes and how to kiss will solely depend on your partner. Practice will help you learn how to kiss good.

How to kiss a girl

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It is every guy's dream to kiss the girl of his dreams… Or close. Going with the assumption that this is a first kiss, a few considerations need to be made before you get to how to kiss. First, you have to at least have shown some interest in the girl prior to the kiss situation. Be very awkward to show up out of some bush and pounce on some girl who hasn't noticed your existence on the face of the earth and start kissing her. If this doesn't get you a black eye from her boyfriend, it will definitely not build you a relationship. So if the girl you intend to kiss is not your girlfriend, try building some bond with her or at least show your interest in her with your actions. Well, below is a more comprehensive breakdown of how to kiss good.

Prepare adequately for the kiss

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This has nothing to do with physical exercises. Still going with the assumption that this is a first kiss, you need to make a good impression if there is to be a second, third kiss and so on. First, you need to look good. Looking attractive will make you feel more comfortable with yourself and will also boost your confidence. Of course a girl will want to kiss a guy she is attracted to, so try to look good, not just when you feel that there might be prospects for a kiss, but especially then. Dress appropriately and wear a masculine but light cologne. You also need to have fresh breath. No one will kiss you if your breath is not exactly appealing. By brushing your teeth after every meal, you generally avoid this, but to be sure, use a mouth spray or chew a mint a few minutes before you meet or in a private place not to make it so apparent you are getting ready for the kiss. You should also make your lips are smooth by brushing off dead skin with a toothbrush.

How to kiss Find the right place

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For the perfect kiss, you need to find the perfect place. If you can take her to a romantic place, say a place you can watch the sun set, you will earn some points and the girl will definitely want the kiss. Wherever you decide to kiss her, make sure the place has enough privacy and disturbance proof. If the girl seems uncomfortable in that amount of privacy, then you need to downgrade a bit to a more open place like a park but still manage to find some privacy in the park. However, if you hadn't taken her to a place that's too private like your bedroom and she seems uncomfortable, it's most advisable to postpone the kiss to when she trusts you a bit more. If she seems alright with the place you have taken her, that's a green light for the next step.

Build intimacy

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When it's just the two of you, try hinting with your conversation where you’re headed. Try complimenting her, be careful not to overdo it though, the worst thing you can do at this stage is get nervous, be in control of the situation because if the girl took control it would certainly not work in your favour. Try commenting on her hair, perfume and the like acting as smoothly as possible. This can also be a good time to pour out your heart to her, try building intimacy and turning up the heat a notch higher. Her reactions to this will guide you to the next step. If she feels uncomfortable, make no apologies because it's your right to feel the way you do but reduce the intimacy and postpone the kiss, but if she looks comfortable or blushes at your complements, then you are ready to initiate the next stage.

Get closer

To keep this as smooth as pre-empted, keep calm and take control of the situation. As you continually shower her with compliments or as you continue to open up your heart, get closer to her without making it so apparent, just move in slowly but smoothly until you are just a few inches apart. Now that you are at this point, there is no turning back, gather all the guts in you and prepare for the kiss. If you are seated, make sure you are right next to her. If you are standing, step closer to her slowly until you are in her personal space. She might get uneasy at this point but just keep at it and make sure you keep eye contact. At this time, you can keep talking or you can just keep quiet, keep eye contact and just enjoy the moment.

Prepare her for the kiss

Don't ask her if you should kiss her. As gentle as you would want to be, asking a girl if you should kiss her is anything but romantic. In fact, this will take the moment to another level of awkwardness. If by any means she answers, you can be sure that it will be in the negative. Even if you had previously discussed kissing or making out, this is not the time to bring it up, just make other hints that should prepare her. You could get close to her such that her face is a few inches away from yours, then pause and look at her attractively, possibly look at her lips and stare back at her eyes for a few seconds. Blushing is taken as a go ahead in such a case. You could also at this point put your hands on her shoulders and start fiddling with her hair or caressing her face. If up to this point she puts up little or no resistance, then she's also ready for the kiss. Now stay as calm as possible and go in for the kiss.

Kiss her softly

Now for the part you have been preparing for. Move in and place your lips softly on hers. First you need to tilt your head slightly to the side, since at this point she is ready for the kiss, she might have tilted hers, take the opposite direction. This is to avoid bumping noses. Don't worry too much about this because you will adjust your positions automatically if you bump noses. Focus less on that and just enjoy the moment. You don't need to be a pro on how to kiss lips, just softly place your lips on hers for a second or two and remove them playfully.

Close your eyes

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Having your eyes open during a kiss is taken to be insincere, so as much as you might be tempted to keep your eyes open as you kiss, you need to close them to enjoy the moment. It also helps you concentrate more on the movements of your lips and generally enjoy the moment. If you opened your eyes as you kiss, you might get distracted or lose interest and spoil the moment. Just wait for the kiss to end and slowly open your eyes

Don't instantly go for a tongue kiss

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You have probably seen it in movies, but to enjoy a good kiss, you need to be smooth and don't immediately shove your tongue into her.  You first need to learn how to kiss someone tongue. Acting so rashly ruins such intimate moments and might even turn her off. Simply first concentrate on kissing lips with hers, where her lower lip is between your lips. First enjoy the feel of a normal lip kiss and then softly and slightly put your tongue above her lower lip. Be very soft with your tongue because your tongue is made up of quite strong muscles and shoving it in will certainly wreck the moment. Just slightly insert it and be sure to move it in her mouth and then withdraw it and wait for her to do the same. If this is not reciprocated, don't worry, just enjoy a lip kiss for a few seconds and repeat the procedure. It gets better when you get used to each other.

Hand movements as you kiss

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If this is your first kiss, you might want to keep your hand movements modest not to send the wrong message or turn off the girl. You can caress her hair or face gently as you kiss, or you can put your hands on her shoulders and clasp them behind her neck. Alternatively, you can keep the conventional embrace position.

How to kiss a guy

It's quite tricky for a girl who wants to lock lips with this heartthrob but he really isn't making the first move. Should this make you give up? With the following kissing tips, he might just kiss you without you looking like you did all the work. Just read and learn how to get a guy to kiss you.

Prepare adequately

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If you are going on a date with the guy or suspect you will get a chance for a kiss, try to look a bit attractive, nothing to fuss about, but make sure you at least look good. Wear a captivate perfume that is not too loud, smelling good is important but overdoing it will distract the guy. The most important thing to consider is your breath. Bad breath happens to almost everyone and the last thing you want is to have it when you are kissing considering that your mouth is open throughout the kiss. Therefore for safety, you can carry some mints or chew some minty chewing gum about half an hour before you meet not to make it so obvious. You also need to make sure your lips are soft by brushing off dry skin with a toothbrush. You should also use lip balm and little if any lipstick. Make sure your lips are soft but not too slimy for a smooth kiss. Overdoing your make up may turn off most guys because it leaves marks all over their faces. So you should be very categorical with your make up.

How to kiss Find the right moment

Be it right after a dinner date, or at an intimate moment when the guy's interest is solely on you, finding the right moment is paramount to having a good kiss. Make sure you are at a considerably private place and you are having an intimate moment. If you make a move in a public place and he objects to your kiss, it may not be only embarrassing for you, but for him as well, so figure out the perfect place and the opportune moment to have the kiss.

Flirt with him

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If he seems a bit off, you should use the age old trick of flirting with him, to make him make the move himself and give you the grace of just sitting back and waiting. This is the key to how to kiss a boy. Simply smile, that does the trick most of the time and should imply to him that you are ready to be a little less formal with him. You can also strategically find reasons to touch him as you talk, making it look as unintentional as possible. At the end of the day, you should let him feel in control of the situation.

Get closer

When you feel that the time is right, move a little closer to him. This should send the message to him. You can go a step farther and put your hands on his back, and move your face a little closer to his but not all the way. Give him an allowance to move in. You can also put your lips on his gently and wait for him to reciprocate a bit harder.

Be flexible

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Allow yourself to be moved by the kiss. Let your head be flexible and flow along with the movement of your lips. Let your hands also move slightly, you could wrap them around his neck or just lock him in an embrace, but whichever the position, be free to move and enjoy the kiss.

Be soft with the tongue

The tongue can be a whole lot of fun or the exact opposite depending on its use. Don't immediately put it in his mouth. You could put your lips on his for a few seconds and then withdraw to give a green light to his tongue. If you are to use it, insert only the tip and be sure to move it for more pleasure. Let him do more of the rough work. That's simply how to kiss a boy.

Eventually, different people prefer different kissing styles, truly different methods, kiss French, kissing lips, at the end you will get your ideal kiss.

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