27 Jan

How To Look Glamorous In The Cold Winter Make up Tips -AC

How to look glamorous in the cold winter make up tips

Well winter is here and though it is a beautifully lazy season, we ought not to be lazy with our beauty regime. The cold winds tend to make our skin dry, no matter how heavily puffed the jackets are. At this time of the year, the oil glands in our skin go into a state of
hibernation. Hence a little extra care is mandatory during the cold months. When it comes to make-up, many of us mess it up, so I’ll be your saviour and save the day! Let’s make winter beautiful.


Rule #1- Moisturise religiously

Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised is the first and an immensely important rule. Make up on chapped skin, elbows or lips is not attractive ladies and only mars beauty! So incorporate that into the daily mandatory regime. Concentrate on elbows and ankles. The feet cracks are also to be taken care of. Night cream treatments are the best. Also socks and mittens necessarily out of the sock drawer, please!


Rule#2- Use gentle soaps and face cleansersAs it is soaps leach out skin oils. Hence, during the harsh winter months it would be of
great help to switch to a gentler foaming wash or cleanser. Even though it is essential to clear dirt from the face, it is also important to preserve the natural oils that help prevent dryness of the skin.


Rule #3- Prime the primer-

Winter chapping is common and if the aforementioned rules have not been taken care of, this rule is a must. A primer forms a perfectly laid out skin canvas for your foundation to rest on. Whether you opt for heavy makeup or just light and simple BB cream, primer can go all the way in reducing the glossiness and giving you a smooth tone. It also helps the makeup last longer during the day. So those touch-ups between office hours can be done away with. Applying primer using finger tips helps increase blood circulation in the region, say experts. So avoid the brush. Also, it can be worn as a lighter foundation or applied lightly to replace your eye shadow for that little sheen, especially when you go for nude shades for your lips.

Rule#4- Opt for light makeup

The prime objective during winter is to lock the moisture within. Hence trying out variations to see what blends into your skin, giving it a lightweight and seamless tone, all the same not making it too dry, is considered useful. Go easy on the foundation.


Rule #5- let the eyes do the talkingWhile

all else can mess up, the beautiful almonds on your face won’t. So enhance the look of your eyes, by highlighting a little more than usual. Besides black, charcoal and brown eyeliners give that extra definition and depth. Applying coloured mascara to your eyelashes creates a difference. Also the smoky eye look is a seasonal favourite and looks really attractive. Maybe you could use it to help the freezing temperatures to rise by a bit!

Rule #6- Pay your lips some extra attentionLips

are prone to chapping in the winters. Constant moisturising is essentially indispensable. During the winters, though bold colours look great, nudes play the part well too. Whatever the colour you opt for, toss a tinted lip balm into your purse. Touch ups with lipstick make the lips drier, while a bit of petrolatum or a stick of lip butter can help those kissers stay in their rosy and soft form. To highlight a bit, you could opt for a darker shade of lip balm. Vitamins and SPF protective filters are a must content of the chap-sticks you use.

Rule #7- Bronze it out a bit-


Winter time is party time. So the New Years bash is on the cards and it has been long since the summer tan faded away? Fret not! A light bronzer is the answer. While during the day you would want to leave the winter blush as it is, (although a light day- bronzing
never did anyone harm either) a night party, hitting the club or a wedding, could follow the usage of a bronzer. Use a soft wide brush and apply evenly adding colour, angles and definition to the cheekbones, forehead and jaw line. Ideally, after application the
bronzer should appear like a “3” on your face.

So go ahead and look gorgeous. Winters are beautiful and so are you.

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