How to Make a Man Happy
21 Apr

Best Tips How to Make a Man Happy

How to make your man happy in a relationship, Relationships are complex, delicate and dynamic. Some people stay married for over 40 years others simply last 70 days.  The truth is that many people enter a relationship hoping it will last longer probably a lifetime.  There are general guidelines that can help you achieve that in relation to making him happy. However, it only works if the person wants it to last. The tips will not stop arguments or even infidelity. One thing they will do is to foster a productive partnership and a healthy environment. First learn to be open, communicate clearly and respect your partner.

Some Tips How to Make a Man Happy
  • Make him a priority

Spend time with him. Let him know how special he is. In the midst of the busy schedule, kids, school, job and other commitments get time to spend with him alone.  Send him sweet messages or pictures from his favorite hobbies. This reminds him that you are always thinking of him and are there for him.

  • How to keep your man in love with you ? Respect

Do not neglect him or yourself. Do not be a doormat or go trying everything for him. Be confident in yourself and take good care of yourself.

  • Body confidence

This helps keep the sparks alive in the relationship especially when it comes to bedroom matters. The body changes especially when you gain weight. That can leave you feeling unattractive. Watch your weight and do not shut down your sex life because of stretch marks. That is a relationship killer. Do not let gravity stop you from being the woman in his life.

  • Never use sex as a bargaining chip

Doing this might make things worse than they already are. For instance, you can make him go to other women. Most women do this for flimsy things like he forgot to pick the kids, didn’t take the trash out.

  • Keep an open mind

Try some of the stuffs he wants you to.  Accompany him to his favorite spots. Entertain his sexual fantasies in the bedroom. Approach sex with relaxed attitude without being judgmental, if it does not hurt you, do it once in a while.

  • How to Make a Man Happy Trust him

Respect your partner and trust his intelligence if you want keep your man happy in bed or get interested in you.  Do not stalk him or be nosy about a cute co-worker, friend or neighbor. Insecurity has destroyed many relationships. In most cases there is nothing going on but you just don’t trust it to be true.  Don’t lecture him, stop snooping or unfounded accusations. If there is a legitimate cheating concern, have a honest and respectful conversation.

  • Stop gossiping

Do not talk behind your man’s back when you are having problems. Airing your dirty linen in public will destroy your relationship. Remember, when your family and friends know everything about your relationship, it puts the two of you at a disadvantage. You might forgive your partner for a wrong or wrongs he did, but your friends and family will not.

  • Flirt with him

This keeps the passion alive and the relationships bond stronger. Go ahead and plan solo dates, try new things together.

  • Support your partner

Be a source of inspiration and encouragement. When he is going through a rough time be there for him. Men unlike women do not open up easily. Therefore, don’t expect a heart to heart conversation each time he is having some problems. Show care, complement and be kind to your partner.

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