How to make a woman happy
21 May

How to make a woman happy best 14 tips

Many men believe women are hard to understand. In most cases it is true. It’s hard to know what they really want and how to keep them happy in your relationship.  That will change as the tips discussed here will give you a head start and help you strengthen your relationship.


Always make effort to know her, help her take out the trash, call her often to tell her how much you love and care for her. Take her someplace special on a date.


Women love confident partners, be confident. Try not to be arrogant as that puts them off. Confidence makes women feel protected. They cannot stand arrogance.


It pays to be old fashioned like holding the door for her, paying the bills on first date. These little things mean much to a woman.


Be honest with her. Secrets have ruined great relationships, it may work now but when the truth comes out she will never forgive you.  Don’t cheat and lie about it. Women consider it cowardice.

Prioritize her

This makes her feel very important. As much as you take some time with your friends, always remember to spare some time for her.

Complement her

There are some things that seem small but when noticed make a woman feel loved and cherished. Things like her change in hairstyle, new clothes, bras and panties. Acknowledge the effort she has put in the same way they do for you.

Be good in bed

Take it slow with her in the bedroom. Rushing and finishing before she even feel it makes her feel used and unappreciated. Everyone feels stress, exhaustion or worry, just don’t let it interfere with your love making. Ensure she gets satisfied as it earns your more points and loyalty.

Be responsible and of assistance

Women hate lazy men. Try and help out in any way even with household chores like lawn mowing, taking kids to school, and running some errands.

Give her space

When a woman keeps to herself and doesn’t want to talk about it, give her space. Don’t force her to explain as that only irritates them more and can result in quarrels.

Learn to apologize

When you are in the wrong it is good to apologize especially if you wronged her.  Apologizing does not belittle you but only strengthens your relationship. She understands you will wrong her sometime, but she needs to know when it happens you will be man enough to apologize.


Be clean. Brush your teeth, shower and use deodorant. Be a grown up so she does not have to remind you or put up with bad stench from you.

Respect and love

Women expect to be respected by their men and loved. Make her feel special and always appreciate her. Compliment and be grateful for what she does.

Remember the special occasions

Always remember her birthday and buy her something special. Never forget your anniversary and make it worthwhile. You can set a reminder in your phone or put it in your calendar. Just do not forget.

Be romantic

Send her flowers reminding her she is special. Send it to her office or surprise her at home with candle lit dinner. Make jokes to melt her when she is bored or feeling down.

They key to making a woman happy is being a better man. She will notice your efforts and reciprocate. Take good care of her and always be there for her.

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