How to Make Tea
14 Jan

How to Make Tea

Tea is a very common beverage that can be made by boiling water and the cured leaves of Camellia sinensis. There are different ways to make a great cup of tea. It is true that you can just put a tea bag on the hot water with a couple spoon of sugar or use a tea maker but making a cup of tea following the old-fashioned way can bring out the best taste of the tea.

It may sound simple to make a cup of tea but if you want the proper taste of the flavor then there are several steps that need to follow.

  1. Boiling water: It is up to you how you are going to boil some water. You can use a kettle or tea pot which will make you feel warm and cozy.
  2. Water Amount: For the amount of water, make sure you boil enough water for just a bit more than one cup; 250ml would be great for the tea pots.
  3. Water Type: Using tap water is fine but filtered water will be better for taste. One other thing to remember that you shouldn’t use old boiled water.
  4. Boiling time: Your kettle will whistle when the process is done. It takes 4/5 minutes maximum to get the perfect boiled water. More water you have the more time it will take to boil.
  5. Making the tea: Now your water is ready and the preparation is done, it is time for making your cup of tea.
  6. Using Tea Bag: Fill the cup with hot boiled water. If you have a tea bag then put it on the cup. Within 2 minutes, your tea will be ready. You can add your desired amount of sugar if you want.
  7. Loose Tea: You may have loose tea so if you have it then take 1 table spoon tea and put it in the tea pot.
  8. Blending the Tea: Wait around 5 minutes to blend the tea with hot water.
  9. Use the strainer: After that, use a strainer and pour your tea in the cup. Strainer is used for collect the tea leaves.
  10. Adding Milk or any other flavor: Now, you can add half spoon of milk if you want. Some people even add honey or lemon. The flavor is totally up to you. But if you are very new to this then you can try the milk.
  11. Adding Sugar: If you want your tea to be sweeten then add 1 and a half or 2 spoons of sugar. Mix all of them with a tea spoon and your tea is done!

Drink your tea while it is still hot; that way you can enjoy the full flavor of it. Also, you can add a piece of cake or biscuit which will give you much pleasure.

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