24 Sep

Best Easy Steps To Show How To Post GIF On Facebook – jsm

Post Gif On Facebook: Constantly a smiley face or a buzzword is not sufficient to send your emotions on Facebook. Here are the top 4 tips that can help you to post GIF on Facebook. See also: The best tips and tricks of Facebook.

Facebook has always to avoid the service of GIF files on their social network, scaring of automatically play video along with News Feed that will become too cluttered. But users of Facebook like a buzzword, GIFs and memes and they go together.

Most Facebook Users have encountered a time in their lives when the media comment or Emoji not simply convey what you mean. It's times like these when the perfect answer is an animated GIF.

In recent years, Facebook skillfully avoided GIF from the timeline, with the idea that a packed calendar with GIF files would slow down and to eventually ruin the experience for the end user.

To uploading, a GIF file on Facebook is very easy, but you cannot easily send a GIF with your post, you'll do an image or another photo.

Here are the 4 steps that show you how to post Gif on Facebook.

What is a GIF?

A short animated GIF image has played in a loop, and you can see everywhere. Compared to a video, GIF file format is much smaller which is more suitable for a look over slow network connections or mobile internet. It is faster to load too. This step can help you to post Gif on Facebook

Step 1:

Since you cannot upload your GIFs on Facebook, you will have to create their own GIFs and upload to another site hosting, or search your GIF on Giphy, Tumblr, Imgur, or somewhere else. Open that GIF file and click right on the image.

Step 2: To post Gif on Facebook open Google Chrome, select "Copy image URL" option and Copy Image Location. If you are using Firefox instead of search and select using “Copy Image Location”. If you are using Opera then you have select “copy image address " option. Other browsers have some other options, but in all cases, they are looking for an option that takes you to copy the options and takes you directly to the URL of the GIF. This step can help you to post Gif on Facebook


Step 3: Next, open the Facebook page and log in into FB newsfeed in the new internet browser window and paste the URL in the "What is in your mind"? Options box at the topmost of the webpage. You can use the Ctrl-V on your keyboard, or click right on the option and choose the Paste option. Check the next step to show how to post Gif on Facebook

Step 4: Take a second and the GIF will naturally appear below the Link. You can delete that URL or ignore it.

Step 5: To publish a GIF simply click on post – it is very simple. These all are simple, easy to use and help you to post Gif on Facebook.

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