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29 Nov

How to start online business on Snapdeal – AC

Snapdeal is best online e-commerce website. With its four million products spread across 50,000 categories, it is undoubtedly largest online marketplace. E-commerce ventures are the fastest growing businesses with huge opportunities. And that is why, websites like Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay and Flipkart are great for customers, but they also help businesses to reach out to their niche market. There are millions of users on Snapdeal, so it is definitely a place to be at!

How to sell on Snapdeal ?

Here we will discuss how you can sell on Snapdeal.

1. Firstly, a user needs to register and submit a few mandatory documents to become a seller. For example, a new business might have to submit a few tax documents like PAN card, Bank account and TIN registration.  An established business might already have these documents and they can submit these documents easily.

In case of a new business, a Private Limited company or Limited liability Partnership can be started. They are a separate legal entity and offer protection to the sellers.  However, private limited company is recommended as it offers sellers to scale their operations or access bank funding. LLPs don’t offer these benefits to sellers; hence they are not viable options.

Important documents that you must have:

  1. TIN registration
  2. Name of the company and Bank Account
  3. PAN card

Note: In case you have your private label, you must have a trademark registration certificate or an application.

If you are selling products from a brand or distribution channels, you must have:

  • VAT invoice from the vendor with proper details of both the companies
  • Authorization letter issued by the brand or distribution channels.

2. Registration formalities can take at least 3-5 days to get completed.

3. There is no registration fee for sellers, but they will be expected to pay a percentage of margins that might vary for different product categories.

4. Once, registration is done, list your product and create a product catalogue. Snapdeal also provides free training to sellers on running an online business.

5. Prepare a beautiful catalogue of your product line and focus on the presentation. You could always hire professionals for planning the product photo shoot, product content and design of the catalogue. A beautiful catalogue can set your business apart from the rest and help you in attracting huge sales.

6.  Ensure that your product listing includes the relevant keywords.

7. Once your products are listed, you can sell your products to millions of users using Snapdeal.

What next?

Snapdeal offers excellent support to sellers to manage their business online. For example, sellers can use Seller Panel, Seller Zone Mobile App. Snapdeal’s courier partners will pick-up products from your warehouse and deliver the orders to your clients. So, sellers can just focus on running their business and not face the unnecessary hassle of packaging and delivery of goods.

Any business needs exposure to grow and Snapdeal provides that in ample amount. However, a seller must ensure that the quality of products is exceptional to retain customers and expand their business.

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