21 Feb

Things what makes you lazy and how to stop being lazy

Things What makes people lazy

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Humans were never a lazy brat, but since the passage of time and innovation in technologies has led the way to make them lazy as never before. Sounds terrible, but yeah, it is so very true. And here are the lame reasons that continue making them lazy.

Learn, follow, and try not being the one of them

Entertainment that is Available in One Click:

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Yes, it is the first and foremost thing, which makes humans lazy, way lazy! When in the old days, to have fun and look for entertainment, they always needed to move out in places and search the record house, clubs and theatres, but all thanks to online video channels, movies, games, PS series, and entertainment zones, they have been sacked in their sofas, continuing till yet. What just they needed is to spend money, and see what they have gotten.

Checking loved one without moving out of the house:

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Sometimes it is bliss when you are ill and cannot move to their places to say,  “Hola, how are you?” But when you are healthy, happy and well to move on your legs, and still chatting them on the phones and via social networking sites, then it is really a big example of laziness. This is the second point, which comes on the number two that makes humans lazy.

Home delivery of food on one click:

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Food has always been a quest, and has always included the mental and physical marathon as what to make and how to make. But since all these online food joints have emerged who can deliver food 24/7/365 days, the life has upside down. Now, humans, even do not spare much of time on thinking what to cook, just what they think is where to order and Bam!! Food is arrived.

Shopping without actually going to shop:

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earlier, if there were any sales going on, then the ladies would say, “Hurry up! We need to reach before time” but now what they say, “no need to hurry, we have our shop in our hand”. online shopping -lazy peopleImage Source

Yeah, the same as now they have a plethora of online shopping site, like amazon and Flipkart, which allow the enormous opportunity for them to grab the clothes without actually stepping on each other’s foot.

Hanging out on Hangout instead of being physically present on real spots:

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Thanks to Facebook and Hangout making friends have become easy, but the real zest of hanging out is lost. Nobody feels to go out and explore as they can easily explore round corners by logging in FB and Hangout. Are not these making humans lazy? Hell yeah!

So, above points must make you agree that yeah technology has somewhere made you lazy and it is onthe verge that soon nobody would be seen on roads until and unless some mass gathering or festival. So stop being home sacked and lazy. Get out and do natural things as it has been before, as you cannot compare the fun of window shopping and spending time in person with loved ones and friends, to shopping or doing fun online.

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