How to Tell If a Guy Likes You
05 Sep

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You Amazing Signs Reveal His Feelings – AC

How to Tell If a Guy Likes You

The best way to know something is to ask. But that is not the case every where. It is just next to impossible for any normal lady to go up to a guy and ask him ‘’Hey! Do you like me?’’ so what do you do to know the answer. You will have to find indirect ways to find out if he likes you or if he likes you not. Researches have shown that there are some behavioral indication to know for sure if the guy likes you or not. But be careful these are not chemical formulae and might not yield same results every time. You need to keep your senses open and use your commonsense to arrive at any conclusion. Below I will give some of the methods by you which tells How to Tell If a Guy Likes You.

Body Language

If a guy looks at you time and again and looks a lot at you it is a sign that he likes you. If he raises his eyebrows when you suddenly catch him looking at you it is a sign. If he is looking at you and ant you face time and again it is an indication that he likes you. He may even pose himself close to you and at times lean to you while talking. This is a definite indication that he is interested.  He might not be consciously showing that he likes you. There are certain things to look for if he is subconsciously liking you. Look for his hands, legs and feet. If they are pointed towards you or are angled towards you, that means he likes you. If he is sitting with open legs or is with hands on hips, he is is trying to impress you. If he gets conscious with his appearance and starts grooming himself when he sees you, like smoothening his hairs, making the tie straight etc. then in all probability he wants to draw your attention towards him and you know How to Tell If a Guy Likes You.

Eye Contact

Some smart and confident guy may go for direct eye contact and tell you straight through the eyes that he is interested and that is a way How to Tell If a Guy Likes You. Shy guys may keep shifting their eyes here and there but they will keep looking at you. Do not mistake losing of eye contact by a shy guy as a no.

There is a trick to know for sure if he is in you or not. Look at his face for 3 to 4 seconds a then slowly look away. Then again look at him. If you catch him making an eye contact with you it is definite that he is interested.  If he is looking at your moth he is really interested. But he breaks the eye contact abruptly and looks away then he is not in you.

If he looks left then looks right at you making a quick eye contact and then again looks right then he might be very attracted to you.

He might be laughing and cracking some jokes when near you and other people are also around. This is a clear indication that he is trying to draw your attention.

What is he talking?

Men feel they need to impress the woman they like. Hence, he will speak a lot about himself to appease you. You can guess How to Tell If a Guy Likes You by speaking something very softly. Since it will not be very clear he will lean towards you and try to keep himself near you if he likes you. Otherwise he may lean towards you and then again retract quickly.

Observe his reaction to body Contact

If a guy likes you he may make some body contact with you. While talking and laughing he may touch your hand. He may brush his legs with you and stay there. He may give you a hug for the funniest of reasons. You can also try and touch him and observe what happens and you know How to Tell If a Guy Likes You. Try to hold his hand lightly or touch his neck slight with your fingers or hold his arm gently. Observe if he is removing his hand quickly or is giving in and staying with your touch and progressing a little bit for to the touch. A shy person when touched may give a slightly jerk. That doesn’t mean he does not like you. You need to be caarefull and use your common sense at all times.


Does he behave differently with you?

He may behave protective for you when in a group. When seating beside you, he may put his hand behind you on your chair. He may start flirting with other women in the group to check if it affects you. This way he might be checking if you are interested in him or not. The surer test is when flirting with other women he will sneak a peek at your reaction and then you understand How to Tell If a Guy Likes You. To be sure of his intentions you can just go for the wash room and observe him from distance if he is still flirting or not. If he stops flirting in your absence then it sanguine that he is very much into you.

You are interested hence he is interested

 If he is interested in you, he might start to like things that you like. For example he may get interested in the TV show that you like or a sport that you follow.  You draw the attention to one of your favourite singer and he starts following the singer and speaks out how he has started liking the singer, then it is perhaps How to Tell If a Guy Likes You.

Is he nervous with you?

Guys are not too nervous with ladies whom they are not into. Keep an eye and observe if he gets nervous when you are present and that is How to Tell If a Guy Likes You. He may fidget, he may sweat a bit, he may give a nervous smile, and his palms may be cold with sweat. All these only for the reason that he want to give a good impression to you. These a signs that he likes you.

Observe his friend

Check if his friend pull his legs and pass comments when you enter the room to get How to Tell If a Guy Likes You. If his friend start making fun of him and crack jokes at him. This is the result that either he has told his friend that he likes you or his friends have assumed that from his obvious activities. But be aware, if a friend comes up to you and tell you that the guy likes you, then the friend might be batting for himself.

Does he copy you?

There are subconscious actions that he may be doing unknowingly which tells probably he likes you. He might be doing the same gestures or action after you do that and follow you. If you too like him you can reciprocate similarly. You can also follow his activities like touching the face or smoothening the hair. Again if he follows you around means that he wants to be closer to you. That is How to Tell If a Guy Likes You.


Gentle tease

Younger guys take to gentle teasing to show that they are interested and that’s How to Tell If a Guy Likes You. But be careful. Check out if he is teasing every girl he meets. Then it might not be he is interested, but his style of interacting.

Playfully punching your arm

He may give you a gentle punch on your arm. This is a way to make a body contact and to check your reaction to that. If you show your consent he may escalate to more touch to get intimate.

Noticing change in your look

If he take a notice of the new hairdo you have done and complements you or any other similar remarks he may be in liking for you. This means he pays attention to you and is attracted to you.

When you like a guy and receive signals as discussed above, you should reciprocate similarly and demonstrate your affection towards him. You can look for excuses to spend more time with you. All the best!!!

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