How to Tell if Your Wife Is Cheating
10 Jun

How to Tell if Your Wife Is Cheating

Before a storm clouds always gather. If there is unfaithfulness in a relationship the signs will always be there and very clear signs as a matter of fact. Most couples because they really want the relationship to work, they will disregard these warning signs. Some of the warning signs to watch out for are discussed below.

She pays more attention to the phone

The phone is suddenly a top secret and she is conscious where it is even in her sleep and does not want it to be accessed. She also spends time looking at her phone and smiles sometimes unguarded. Her relationship with her phone is suddenly more intimate than with you. She takes a lot of calls outside or in privacy.

Her sexual intimacy interests have dropped a lot

In any relationship there are sexual routines. When your wife does not follow those routines it is a red flag. Some wives are smart; they will follow but are not committed. You can detect it by seeing the degree of lack of interest in sex and pleasure arising from it. Some wives make a lot of excuses when it comes to sex be it hormonal problems, feeling sick, fatigue.

Change in social calendar

 As a couple you used to spend more time on weekends, but suddenly without any notice her schedule has changed. She gives all sorts of excuses like emergency at work, meeting a client etc. she forgets your date reservations and birthdays feigning job stress. These are indications her affections are elsewhere and you are no longer her priority.

Improved wardrobe

She has bought new clothes and restocked her wardrobe with sexy outfits. She wears them when going out claiming to be going for company function involving clients. Her makeovers are to the roofs to get her noticed. This is a clear indication that she is trying to get someone else’s attention other than you.

Her main concern is your whereabouts

In the past it was normal for you to message her and she replies instantly, but now the reply takes time. She is very concerned on where you are. This is because she wants to cover her tracks.


Finger pointing

If your good wife suddenly goes paranoia know she is looking for a way out. She is probably trying to get a reason to be separated from you and will later blame anything that happened on your decision. You get snapped at for flimsy things. She focuses more on your failings.

She feigns unhappiness

She keeps piling problems at you and blaming you for anything. Finally she lets you know she is no longer happy. This is a bid to offer you selfish explanations for her irresponsible actions and hold you accountable incase things go sideways.

Unaccountable time

 You cannot account for her time. She disappears like for hours many times in a week, but you can’t find out what she did. Start checking her out keenly where she has been in those times and you will be surprised what has been going on right under your nose.

They say one can only lie for so long, but eventually the truth always comes out. Be smart and not dismiss the warning signs. Confront them and get an explanation. Your marriage may be salvageable or too late. Either way you deserve to know what is going on.

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