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9 Ways to Treat a Snake Bite – AC

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1. Get Away from Snake

2. Call 911 for snake bite recoveryImage Source

Call 911 immediately

3. Transport the victim by a car or any another vehicle person should not be allowed to walk or run.

4. If the snake is dead, take it with you for identification of the snake. Do not waste time hunting snake.

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Wash the bite of snake with soap and water as soon as possible.

6. Keep the bitten area below your heart.

7. Take off all rings or watches. The venom is going to make you swell.

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Tightly wrap a bandage two to four inches above the bite of snake. If you can’t reach medical care as soon as possible or within 30 minutes, wrap a bandage around the bitten appendage area of your body. This is to assist in reducing the flow of venom in your body. You can make it tight as much as you can, but not too tight as to completely cut off the appendage’s circulation.

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If you have a snake bite kit with you, place the suction device over the snake bite to help draw the venom out of the wound. Leave on for a maximum of eight to ten minutes. If you used properly, a suction device can remove up to 30% of the venom.

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