What is alopecia
15 Jan

What Is Alopecia How To Treat Alopecia Areata – AC

What is alopecia how to treat alopecia areata

What is alopecia – Alopecia areata usually presents as patches of hair loss on thescalp, it may appear on body but in rare cases. what is alopecia – In many cases the hair regrows but in some cases the hair loss is permanent.
– Alopecia areata affects both males & females.

what is alopecia


1- Steroid injection: may use for one or more small to medium sized bold patches. This can be don

what is alopecia

2- Topical steroid: steroid cream, gel …. etc, it help hair regrowth but steroid injection may be more efficient.

what is alopecia

3- Topical minoxidil solution: it need a private prescription. It isn’t suitable for everyone for some medical reasons.

what is alopecia

How to cope with the emotional pain of hair loss:

For sure, hair loss causes low self- esteem and in severe cases may lead to anxiety.
– You can wear a wig, there are many stylish wigs that can transform your appearance and make you feel good
– If you are feeling bad and suffering from depression you should talk to mental health professional.
– You can write your feeling in social group to release the pain and feel good

what is alopecia

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