How to Turn On Your Boyfriend
21 Aug

How to Turn On Your Boyfriend

It is always considered as the easiest task that a woman can do, turning his man on or how to turn your boyfriend on in bed how to turn on your boyfriend through text

.When it comes to romance and the art of seduction, men like to be in control of everything  but nothing is good as turning on your man and make him to reach boiling point till he explodes with passion and lust. Being in control of the desires of your boyfriend also makes your relationship fun and fulfilling.  The following are the best tips that you can use to turn him on.

1. Smell nice

Men are not only visually but they can also be turned on  how you smell. Choose perfumes that are always associated with romance and sex. By doing this, you will be setting the mood for sex so be rest assured that you will achieve what you want from him. While doing this, avoid strong office perfumes  as they can be intimidating. Do not apply lthe perfume in large quantities but instead just use the correct amount and you will achieve what you want with him.

2. Build his anticipation throught the day

Start building his sexual desire early in the day when he is in the office. This can be achieved by sending him kinky sex texts and hot pics of you. Call him during the day just to tell him how much you love and desire him. His mind will be completely blown away and in the evening he will come home anticipating nothing short of a hit romantic session.

3.Whisper into his ears

While you are close to each other, do not hesitate to whisper sweet nothings in hi ear. Tell him some dirty sexy words which will immediately make him go crazy over you. The closeness that is created while whispering should not be underrated.

4. Body language

You have a sexy body so you should use it to your advantage. No matter how tired or stressed your boyfriend is, he will be turned on when you make the right moves with your body. While out on a date, sit infront of him then lick that ice cream in a very sensual way. Whenever you get a chance, lean on his body or bend over infront of him pretending that you are picking up something.

5. Watch porn together

It goes with no doubt that most of the guys are into porn even though they will try to deny this so as to look innocent. Suprise him one afternoon by watching a soft porn while the two of you are together on a couch. Start mimicking the moves done by the female pornstar is making. In  a matter of seconds, that woman will be replaced by you.

6. Expose your underwear

Let your boyfriend see a bit of your underwear. It will turn him on and make him full of lust. Ensure that the underwear is brightly colored and let it exposed on top of your tight jeans. Do not attempt to use old-fashioned granny pants to achieve this. They are a total turn-off to men.

7. Strip for him

Unleash the bad girl in you by becoming the best stripper that he has ever encountered. Make him sit upright and watch as you slowly remove your clothes exposing your hot radiant skin. Make seductive dance moves infront of him even though you may not be a very skilled dancer. Spice it more by blind-folding him then make random touches on his erotic zones.

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8. Bit your lips

While having a conversation in a face to face position, seductively bit your lips then look directly into his face. He will burn with desires to join you on feasting on the lips and it will be only a matter of time before the two of you start tasting each other's lips.

9. Get touchy

Turn him on while hugging Start getting touchy using either your hands or toes. Rest your arms on his thigh and let it stay there for  some seconds. Spread this love to other parts of the body and they don't have to be erotic regions. Slide your toes up his leg when in  a date. The charges generated when your bodies come into contact  will be enough to make him explode.

10. Sensual massage

Take his shirt off, let him lie flat on his belly,get his body oiled  and start giving him the best sensual massage. Rub his body in a rythmic motion  and let the blood of passion spread to all parts of his body

11. Take charge of his hands

Put his hands where you want them to go. Being in charge of the seduction process will turn him on and make him desire more for your body. Put his hands on your boobs, your bum, your thighs or any other part that you will wish to be touched. While doing this, pay attention to  his erogeneous parts too.

12.Self pleasing

Sometimes it pleasures a man just to watch a woman pleasing herself. Whiel trying to turn him on, break the process and start pleasurising yourself. Touch your erotic regions in the most sensual ways and while doing this, let out sexual moans. He will be excited to see his girl get sexual and would even go ahead to help you reach your sexual peak levels.  Cautiously introduce sex toys which will help you to achieve this.

13.  Role playing

Fulfill his wildest sexual fantasies by introducing role playing. Apart from just raising his sexual temperatures, role playing can be both fun and fulfilling to both of you. Once you know his sexual fantasies, make it happen by wearing costumes which go hand in hand with that fantasy.  Play the role of a sexy nurse ready to attend to her patient or be that sexy cop ready to handcuff the culprit.

14. Talk dirty

Turn a man on sexually Talking dirty can spice up things and maake the blood of your boyfriend to run faster than expected. Your man will be excited to know that his little innocent things is not as innocent as she looks. Talking dirty will make him thinkng of nothing else but sex. However, be careful  not to overdo it.

15. Take a shower with him

While he is in the bathroom, give him a surprise by joining him  for that warm shower. take turns in washing each other while sliding the soap to all parts of his body. Be naughty while doing it and tease him once in a while.

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