Turn On Your Girlfriend
21 Jul

How to Turn On Your Girlfriend

How do I turn on my girlfriend?  This is one question that many men have been asking and  their seems to be no concrete answer to this question. Various sources claim to have the best secrets, but are they really secrets. Turning on a girl and leaving her yearning for more does not need magic. You only need to deploy these tips and she will be allover you.

1.Give her your attention

Nothing turns on a woman as paying special attention to her. A woman wants a man who will sweep her off her feet. This should not just be done in the bedroom, instead you should start giving her undivided attention even outside the bedroom. Look directly into her eyes and listen to what she is saying.

2. Take your time

There is no need for rush when dealing with a girl. Opposed to men, ladies need more time to be turned on. With men you only need to touch one or two buttons and he will be fully turned on. First make her feel comfortable and safe around you. Don't show that you are just after her body and vanish but instead assure her of your full protection.

3. Compliment her good looks

Girls like to be told that they are pretty and doing this will warm her heart. Let her know that she is prettiest thing that you have ever laid your eyes on by verbally complimenting her.Be careful not to overdo it as it may turn out nuisance. Use low tones to call her by saying words such as "pretty", "beautiful" and other sweet words.

4. Reveal the best person of yourself

While around your girlfriend, try as much as possible to reveal the best version of yourself. Reveal yourself as an ambitious and hardworking man who is ready to cater for her deepest needs. Be gentle around her and treat her with utmost respect.  Pull back her chair and open  the door for her.

5. Be confident but not corky

Girls like being around a confident man. Any signs of nervous and shyness will turn them off as they will perceive you as a weak man. The worst thing that they will immediately detect the smallest hint of nervousness no matter how hard you will be trying to hide it. Keep your head high , your shoulders straight and look directly into her eyes. However don't be overconfident neither should you be cocky.

6. Be hygienic

As much as girls like being around rough men and bad boys, try to maintain a good hygiene. Being neat will turn on your girlfriend and make her to always yearn being around you forever. Before meeting her, take a shower, shave overgrown hair and clean your teeth. Try to smell nice by using deodrant and cologne as it will boost your confidence.

7. Gentle touches

When the two of you are close to each other, try to get physical step by step. The first step involves touching her gently. While in a restaurant or in cinema, take the slightest opportunity to hold her hand and let your fingers interlock. This will be the first step towards creating a physical bonding with her.

8.  Play with her hair

Ladies place a lot of value on their hair and in addition to that, it is one of the sensitive areas that can arous sexual feelings in a woman. If you are very close to your girlfriend, run your fingers through her hair and play with it. Doing this repeatedly will turn her on and make her receptive to you.

9. Look directly into her eyes

Just looking directly into your girlfriend's eyes can turn her on and make her to go gaga over you. The good news is that you don't have to be too close to her so as to achieve this. You can lock your eyes while you are meters apart and remain in that state for some 10 seconds. Stand infront  of her, put your hands over shoulder and look directly into her eyes. This will melt her heart and drive her crazy.

10. Whisper into her ears

One of the erogeneous zones that you can use to turn your girlfriend are the ears. Touch one of your girlfriend's ear and whisper sweet nothings. Whisper how you love her and while doing this, apply some little pressure on that ear.

11. Tell her what you want

Girls are turned on buy guys who are ready and willing to express their feelings without fearing. Tell your girlfriend how you desire to have her in your arms and spend the night with her. Tell her in a very respectful way which will preserve her dignity as a woman. Being afraid and naive with your feelings will turn her off and you can even be friend-zoned for this.

12. Touch her leg and the back of her neck

Bring her closer and put your hands around her shoulders then gently rub the back of her neck. Rub the neck slowly and gently  then watch her as she gets emotional. Maintaining this motion for a minute or two will turn her on. If you are too close to each other and you are sure that she will be receptive to your advances, place your hands on her thighs.

13. Give her sensual kiss

A kiss is one delicate but  effective way of turning on a girl.  It is effective because of the feelings that it can create between two people. It  is delicate because things can be quite awkward if it is not handled well. First ensure that you have fresh breath and good dental hygiene which your girlfriend will be comfortable with. First reserve your tongue till things get hotter.

14. Take a tour in different erogeneous zones

Don't just focus on stimulating your girlfriend's private parts. Take a tour through other  erotic regions such as the neck, inner thighs, ears, back of knees, and her toes. Touch them gently while planting some little kisses on them.

15. Leave her in yearning for more

While the two of you have connected and things are beginning to get intense, break the contact in a very calculated move. Briefly release yourself from her her then watch her reaction. She will be more interested in you and will even start begging you to continue touching and stimulating her.

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