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Ice breaking tips to get six pack ABS

How to Get Six Pack Abs ab workouts

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Well, for most men, the six pack abs are at the top of the list of the body parts that should be built, for the simple reason that females want their faces looking the best. You see, no one really lacks the six pack. Sometimes, it’s all hidden under a layer of fat, and sometimes, used up due to being too skinny. Either case, do not worry too much, anyone can blatantly possess these adorable things.

So, how does one get to get these muscles? The abs muscles usually cause confusion and trouble when it comes to training for them. So, for the best results, you’d better follow my instructions as given in this article.


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Unquestioned, getting the abs is all a matter of the kind of food one takes. If you are not careful about the kind of food you eat, then it’s guaranteed that success wouldn’t happen. Anyone who ever got their six pack abs would talk about their diet. In short, diet is the number one priority anyone should put first in their quest for six packs. So, what kind of food should one feed on?


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Figuring out the exact number of calories one must take daily is one of the most important things in getting the abs muscles. The calories intake varies from person to person but mostly in the range of 9 – 13 calories per pound of body weight. You need averagely low calories to keep the fat levels in your body relatively low. At such levels of fat, your body is more likely to fight more to for the abs muscles more than when the body has more fat. At the same time, a good level of calories is a necessary requirement for the body’s metabolism.

Also notice that there no fixed amount of calories one should take. It all depends on the amount of work one had to take during the day. When the work is much, a higher intake of calories is advised. However, on a less busy day, a lower intake would be wise. It’s just a matter of knowing the right thing to do.

Foods that contain the highest amount of calories are mainly fatty snacks such as crisps and juices.


Proteins are the body builders. They are the ones that the body uses to repair itself when there is damage. Also, the body builds muscles using proteins.

From the above stated functions of the proteins, it is pretty obvious that you’d need more of these as you fair for the abs muscles. They are needed for a better running of the body metabolic processes.  They are the ones needed to develop the abs from where they are hidden to the point where they are blatantly visible.

An absolute intake of protein alone is not necessary as this will disorient the body functions. Other food substances are required for the body to function properly. As much as the protein intake has to be high, other chemicals are required for the body. This means a balanced diet is still required no matter how fast you would like to get the abs showing.

Proteins are mainly meaty foods, that is, red meat and white meat; and some plants such as most types of beans.


And ultimately, we discuss the group of nutrients that are mostly discussed in the topic of how to get the abs muscles. The reason for this will be discussed extensively in this section.

Carbohydrates are the foods that the body uses to produce the energy needed for the body to function normally. This is why a right amount of carbohydrates is needed when planning for the abs muscles.

If you have much fat in your body (weighing more than 80kg) then you need to reduce your carbohydrate consumption. This is because absence of carbohydrates in the body forces it to break down fats and use them to generate energy. So, in order to eliminate fats from your body and reveal the abs below these layers of fat, you need to reduce your carbohydrate consumption.

And the vice versa is also true. If you are really skinny, then you’d need more of these to make up for your body’s energy needs and add some into your bodies in form of fats that will help regenerate your lost muscles. Taking the right amounts of carbohydrate is very important in the feat for the abs muscles. When done right, carbohydrates can really boost the process of getting the six pack abs muscles.

Foods that contain carbohydrates include potatoes, grains such as rice among a vast array of other helpful foods.


And finally, the one item that must not be forgotten. Fats are the ones responsible for spongy outlook of your tummy. And that makes it obvious that fat consumption must be at its minimal. Do not consume more than is necessary. And the necessary is just a few grams per meal.

Keep in mind that normal diet has fat in itself that direct intake may not really be necessary.

Sources of fats are the following, among others: flax seeds, flaxseed oil, olive oil, nuts, fatty fish and fish oil.

A long term maintenance of diet might change the way a person’s body digest some foods. Know that fats slow down digestion so it’s advisable to keep off fats while intending to make the most out of your diet. Whereas an absolute intake of one kind of diet is not necessary, it’s quite advisable to still maintain a balanced diet no matter what.

The Exercises ab workouts 

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A couple of exercises( ab workouts ) daily are just what is needed for the six pack abs muscles to appear. Almost any kind of exercise ab workouts is geared towards making these appear. However, some of these exercises are proven to be more effective than others. Some of the ab workouts in which you stand the best chances include the following. There are just too many exercises you can do, so the exact way of doing each will not be explained much in this section.

  1. Do sit ups ab workoutsweighted-sit-ups

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  2. Add more challenge as they become relatively easy for you. This can come in form of doing weighted sit ups, lying on a slopy ground with the head on the lower side.

  3. Do crunches  ab workouts –It is very paramount not to lift your entire back off the floor. Keep on exhaling between rounds as this will keep the abs properly oxygenated.

  4. Do leg lifts ab workouts This may come in three variations: easy, medium and hard. Easy: Just raise your knees to your chest and keep them bent. Medium: Raise your legs to a horizontal position with the legs straight and outstretched. Hard: Do leg lifts with medicine ball rolling from your feet or hang from a pull up bar and raise your legs in front of you.

  5. Do jack – knife sit ups  ab workouts – It just involves lying on one’s back, then raising both your legs and hands to meet somewhere at the middle of your body, then get down to the same position.

  6. Do butt – ups  ab workouts – As simple as it sounds, lie down on the floor with your stomach to the ground, then raise your butt such that only your arms and legs are in contact with the floor.

  7. Do planks (static holds)  ab workouts – And as the name suggests, it should be something really simple. You just need to get to the press up position but only with your ankles touching the ground. You don’t need to do anything else but to hold this position as long as you can.

  8. Train your oblique muscles – It might not be so important to start off working on the oblique muscles at first. However, this becomes necessary as time progresses. Lying on your back with your hands folded on your head (at the back of your neck) then folding your legs in turns to your chest. This may seem hard at first, but it would really become easy over time.

  9. Do ab rollers ab workouts This sounds obvious from the name. Just get down in the press up position (but with your knees on the ground) holding a roller, then pushing it forward as far as possible and pulling it back to the original position. Unlike other exercises, this ab workouts exercise is exclusively for the abs and no other part of the body.

  10. Do pull ups hanging from horizontal bar ab workouts The name is almost enough to explain what this means. It involves pulling oneself up from the ground as far above the bar as possible then lowering oneself back to the ground. A creative modification is where one tries to lift one’s knees to his stomach while lifting up.

  11. Do push ups for ab workouts This calls for checking out the various types of push ups you can do like the standard push ups, knuckle push ups or even diamond push ups. Whichever best suits you, stick to that.

  12. Do Dragon flags for  ab workouts Dragon flags for  ab workouts

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  13. Mostly referred to as reverse crunches, this is sometimes the most intense of abdominal exercises. The explanation given therein may not be too clear to get you doing these right on the fly. You may need to do some googling since this is somehow a bit complicated for a few lines of explanation.

It may sound all good like you are set to go, but no. Not yet. There are some things you need to be careful with as you undertake your course.

  1. Do not do too much

The notion that more is better is not always right, especially in a case like this. Cranking out hundreds of crunches  ab workouts a day isn’t the way to go with getting the abs. Regulate your training timetable to no more than 3 hours a day. But not too little though. Have a minimum of half an hour for ab workouts.

  1. Watch out not to forget something

The other mistake that men often make when hunting for abs is forgetting the layer of fat that covers the abs. The male body tends to store these fats around the gut, so you really need to work hard to reducing your overall fat intake if you really want to see those abs appearing. In short, it means watching your diet and doing plenty of big muscle exercises such as squats and deadlifts that burn calories.

  1. Be an all rounder

The six pack is actually one sheet of abs muscles called rectus abdominis, which extends from your ribcage to your pubic bone. So any abs-specific exercise will actually work the entire area, but your abs muscle is supported by the external oblique muscles, internal oblique muscles and the erector spinae muscles. These muscles together support and manipulate your spine to form the ‘core,’ which the muscular region that connects your upper body to the lower body. A strong core is very paramount for performing any dynamic movements in sport and for preventing back pain. This means that abs training is serious business and not for show. This will actually make you stand taller and perform better in areas that require flexibility.

Summary for ab workouts 

The reason for training for abs is to gain the visibility of the muscles. But notice that everything does not happen like in a movie where years get scrappled into just but a few minutes. Building the abs requires some time and calls for patience. It doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it’s very likely that you will not notice them appearing. But comparing older pictures, say a week before the current appearance. This is where the difference will be noticeable.

However, as you have already been warned, overdoing the training will only earn you the flat tummy that you do not desire. So, just keep your exercises moderated and all will go well. Remember that there may be some health issues arising from the training that you undertake. If this occurs, please terminate your exercises immediately and see a doctor. You cannot just afford to lose your whole body because you wanted to regain some part of it.

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