08 Jan

If You Have Indigestion Then Follow These Simple Steps To Feel Normal – AC

If You Have Indigestion Then Follow These Simple Steps To Feel Normal

The difficulty which is associated with the digestion of food is known as dyspepsia or indigestion.  It can be accompanied with pain in the region of stomach; flatulence ie. formation of wind ; eructation i.e. belching , a foul taste in the mouth, heart burn and a general feeling of discomfort. It can also be associated with loss of appetite known as anorexia.

Overeating, eating at wrong time or eating wrong type of food can result in indigestion. Indigestion is easier to prevent than to cure. One should take hot and fresh food in a clean place. The food should be taken after the previous meal has been properly digested.

1.Wrong combination of food should always be avoided as this can lead to severe consequences.

2.The wrong combinations can include like eating fish and milk together or eating ghee and honey together in equal quantity.

3 One should always avoid eating in hurry or when he/she is angry or is worried.

4.The quantity should be proper enough to assuage ones hunger without any sense of completeness or fullness i.e. just avoid excess food as it can be harmful for the body.

5.The quantity of food needed to nourish the body also varies according to the seasons. For e.g. in summers our body demands for more liquids than solid food. 

6.In order to treat indigestion we can follow some of the home remedies which can relieve the problem very fast. One can chew a piece of ginger with a pinch of rock salt before having meals or can take cumin seeds after frying and coarsely grinding with hot water to relieve the problem.

We know that the human body can adjust faster than the human mind according to the circumstances. So it’s up to us to change our food habits

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