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12 May

How to Know If A Boy Likes You

How to Know If A Boy Likes You

Are you really into the guy? Are you wondering if the guy feels the same way about you the way you do? There are many things that guys do when they are into you that you can look out for just in case. There are always clear signs men show even when they do not make it apparent to you that they want you. The signs actually, blow their cover and are perfect give away that you can count on and use to achieve your desires to capture their attention and win the guy over.

Men do subconscious things that are impossible to hide. These things are natural and unavoidable particularly when they feel a strong natural attraction towards a woman. Apart from the obvious signs there are several other signs that reveal their real desires which they may not clearly show but you can use to gauge their desires.

  1. He tell you

This is an obvious way of a man letting you know that they are actually interested in you. They can say things like “I like you” or “I love you. “ When you get such sentiments, chances are that  they are telling you the truth of their true feelings. It means he wants to hook up with you and stay with you or maybe just wants to have sex with you. In some instances, it also means he likes you and thinks you are cool but does not fancy you as a girlfriend.

Try to gauge the tone of the voice when he is telling you all that as that will assist you know exactly what he means. Look at him and gauge his words alongside his facial and body language. This gives you a more expressive and conclusive knowledge of what he really means.


  1. He asks a lot of questions about you

Guys when they are interested in someone they tend to ask a lot of questions to keep the conversations flowing. This means he is getting somewhere and is trying to pass some message. He keeps asking irrelevant questions to keep you talking and make the conversation comfortable.

It could be that you met at a house party, in a club or simply run into each other in the streets. The questions come out of politeness and when he does not ask them out of necessity, it means he likes you and strongly interested in you. Small talks he is engaging you in are signs of deep affection and show of interest.

If a guy does not like you he will simply not put much effort into you. They only do this when they have something to gain. Probably, he is talking to you without needing to or having a concrete reason to talk to you.

  1. He sees similar interests between you and him

Part of the reason the questions are many is because he wants to know more about you before the hookup.  When you tell him your likes, he goes on about how he likes the same things too and describes his favorites. This means he is only thing to find out if the two of you actually fit perfectly. Men love being in relationships that do not arouse an agreements arising from hobbies or interests. On the contrary, men fancy agreements and find it likeable in a person.

  1. He leans in

 Check whether he leans in when you are talking to him even when he can perfectly hear you from the distance. It could be in a bar or club with music and he has to lean in to hear and keep the conversation going. However, if he does not do that and does not make an effort to give you a glance, then he is definitely not interested. The amount of effort going towards keeping the conversation rolling matters a lot.  

The body language tells a lot about his interests and attention. A normal guy will lean in to show interest and make his intentions clear.

  1. He comes forward to seek you

This is an obvious move and clearly demonstrates his interest in you. It also tells you whether he wants you as a girlfriend. He can use this as a strategy to get close to you and break the ice. Either way, if a guy comes straight to you in a club, bar or café etc and strikes a conversation, it means he is hitting on you. The question you should ask yourself is if he is not interested in you, then why did he not go to another girl, lady or woman in the room?

  1. He changes behavior when you are around

When the guy hangs out with friends he behaves differently, but when you are around his behavior suddenly changes. This is a clear sign of interest in you and he wants to put up a good show to appease you and win you over. He may be oddly quite or cooler when you are around but jovial or talkative when you are not around.

When a man is not himself or 100% natural, it means he is trying to create an impression and does not want to mess things up with you. This is a common behavior with younger and less experienced lovers. Actually, it is a normal mating behavior among younger men. Simply observe him and you will figure him out.

  1. He completely ignores you

There are men who love this kind of behavior as they strategy. Especially, when they know others are hitting on you as well and you do not pay attention to them or keep on turning them away. What happens is that he will pick a time when you are a lone and talk to you. He likes you but does not have enough courage to come over to you when there are many glances around you.  

 Give him a sign that you are interested in him or want to talk to him and he will take the opportunity to clarify or sell himself to you and express his feelings. However, when you make advances to a guy and he ignores you constantly, it clearly indicates that he is not interested or has no feelings for you. Simply walk away and move on.

  1. He turns his body to look at you

Guys love to do this when they want to have a clear view of you without making it obvious that they have a thing for you. They do not like to give themselves away that easily. Just by looking at his body language, you can tell a lot particularly whether he is interested in you or not. Some guys lick their lips, their gaze widens and others look at you more confidently.

Most guys are open and will tell you plainly once they get your attention. This is particularly in situations with social consequences like at school or work or a family friend. If he runs into you in other areas he will definitely make his intent known to you. Men are afraid of messing things up and do not want to take risks without knowing how the outcome will play out. Either way, the body language gives you more information, which guides you on how to react if you truly want to win him over.

  1. He fetches you a drink

In some cultures, this is a normal thing for a man to do, not a big deal. If you are in a group of friends hanging out and he buys a round of drinks, it is not a big deal. A man who insists on paying for your drink is not showing off but demonstrating his interest in you.

  1. He requests for our number

This is another obvious sign of interest and means he already likes you and probably wants to get in touch with you sometime to get to know you more. However, this depends on the situation. In most cases once, you strike a conversation and everything is going on smoothly. The guy will request for your phone number to keep in touch with you. This is a good sign.

On the other hand, some work related ventures may force him to take your number to give or get additional information later on work progress. Knowing the situation that brought you together can guide you to get the right interpretation of the whole scenario. Guys take phone numbers to keep in touch and set up a date that is within our schedules.

  1. He adds you on his Facebook page

Guys do not send friend requests on social media to chicks they do not like. The nature of the conversation after sending you a friend requests will tell you exactly what he thinks about you. He can like your pictures, poke you and tag you or give you other obvious signs to attract your attention. Does he follow you on sites like Instagram? If so, do not ignore as he is relaying a message of interest in you.

Body language tells a lot about how other people feel about you. Watch out for these signs and respond accordingly if you are interested in him as well.

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