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24 Sep

Learn a Dance Form as You Exercise

Dance is a beneficial form of exercise. The presumption to stay fit that one has to lift weights in the gym has been a matter of the past. So, many dance centers and aerobic classes have opened up recently to prove the popularity of dance.

Besides being a form of exercise, people are taking dance very seriously as a career objective. Hence, selecting a particular dance form fulfills both the interest in the dance as well as helps in keeping fit.

There are several dance forms and you may choose as per your need. Dancing is a fabulous way to develop social skills, and it is always suggested that you dance in groups or with a partner besides dancing alone. Dancing also improves your mental health. It is an all round exercise, as it uses your entire body but if you are in an elderly person or are differently-able, then there are dance forms according to your needs as well.

Dance Forms

Different dance forms have different qualities, and as per the qualities, the dancing improves different body parts such as stamina, strength, balance, coordination etc.

We have listed some dance forms as per their qualities:

  • Energetic Dance Forms: Scottish Country dancing, Irish Set Dance, Cajun Jitterbug and three forms of highly energetic dance. These forms are great for aerobic exercises.
  • Coordination Dance Forms: Latin American dancing and ballroom dancing are two dance forms where the dancer needs to have fluidity of movement and coordination.
  • Concentration Dance Form: Playford repertoire of English country dancing can be perfected by only those who can attain the required concentration for the dance. This dance form has been named after an author who wrote a book on the dance forms after the mid 17th century (after the Civil War).
  • Complex Dance Form: A dance form that can delay the progress of ‘dementia’ is the American square dancing, but the beneficial factors are limited. The dance form cannot severely be helpful for the disease. The research regarding this complex dance form is going on in the United States.

Making new friends, moving with the music and cooperating with others while dancing, helps derive self-esteem which in turn improves the mental health.

Non-Profit Dance Organization

In UK, there are 4 non-profit organizations that look after all types of dancing and other dancing institutes as well.

  1. Royal Academy of Dance: This institute teaches ‘ballet’ and also several other historical dance forms. They also train dance teachers.
  2. Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
  3. The English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS)
  4. The British Association of American Square Dance Clubs (BAASDC)

Besides the first institute, the other three institutes look after the various non- profit dance classes and clubs. They do give out information of the different institutes spread out in other areas.

You can contact them in case you wish to exercise by learning a particular dance form from the best institutes or the institute in your area.


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