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31 Mar

Long Term Relationship Problems – AC

Long Term Relationship Problems: It's almost too obvious that each good thing has its downsides. You see, life that is all that smooth without problems becomes easily boring and may not be so ideal in the real world. Not that you must experience problems in any long term relationship, but that it would be wise to expect them and be prepared to face them. The best relationshipsare ones where problems are taken to be a stepping stone for the next stages in the relationship. Of course, the problems need to be solved first in order to be viewed from such a perspective.

Philosophers say that a problem is not really a problem until no solution is found for it. Thus, before you think of terminating your relationship due to a problem that you may be experiencing, try solving it first. Embrace life with it's problems to live it better.

The following is a list of problems that you may stumble across  (or are already experiencing) in your Long term relationship, alongside with some possible solutions.

1. Affairs and cheating

Affairs and cheating

Woman with mobile phone Affairs and cheating

This is the most common and one of the most threatening problems in long term relationship. It either happens to be just mere suspicion or having actually found out that your partner is cheating on you. For quite a while, you would feel like your legs have been cut off below you and your intestines taken out and used as jumping ropes.

Cheating is detected when your partner (or yourself) starts engaging in long term or short term affairs, one night stands and even the infamous 'sexting.' It might not turn out too well when this is found out and a tremendous 99% of people found cheating lose their partners. This has been a major thing that keeps Adele songs selling out as she always composes new ones to motivate more people to break up and listen to her songs.

Cheating is usually caused by the inability of one partner to satisfy the other by staying away from each other for too long, as well as naturalinclination towards the opposite gender. Whichever the case, cheating isn't such a good thing and doing it because your friends think it's cool to cheat could be the worst mistake of your life.

The reason why cheating feels so terrible is because your partner feels you're taking them to be unsatisfactory for you so you go for someone else to satisfy you– which might be the actual reason. It might also be because your partner was so dedicated to you and you end up breaking the promise of love – you will not be the first to successfully serve two different masters.

Thus, to save your long term relationship from the fangs ofbreak up, the best thing you can do on this is to actually avoid getting into affairs while you're already in a relationship. Have your boundaries clear on what you could do with others. In short, be sure that you can hand your partner your phone without worrying of anything that they might find in there. But if you find yourself in an affair alread, take your stand on what you want. Is it the affair or the relationship that you want?

But just being sure of your stand might not be sufficient enough to keep your partner from cheating on you. You need to warn your partner sufficiently on cheating. Make it clear that "I can explain this. Give me a chance"isn't an option when it comes to cheating. Make the person understand that you are seriously against the idea of cheating.

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2. Sexual Problems

Sexual Problems

Sexual Problems

Of course you might have entered the long term relationship without ever having had sex before  – and most probably, you did. So what happens why you come to find out that your partner carries a match stick or just totally lacks libido? What happens when she no longer responds to your touch as it had always been?

What about you find your partner starring lustrously at a same sex? Suspicion of bisexuality would arise, obviously. And when this happens, does life remain the same as if nothing really happened? It's not how things are supposed to be. It should be you and your partner or (definitely not what you want) your partner with someone of the same gender as yourself.

If your partner loses libido, or you do lose libido, you need to troubleshoot your sex life. Are you having sex too often? Or are you having too many obstructions during your good time? Do you or your partner do drugs too much? Or do you need more additives to keep you going smoothly? It's all upon you to find out and take appropriate actions.

3. Boredom



Life is all good until you are not as excited as you used to be by seeing the same face everyday.It's very possible that a person may not seem as interesting as had been a few months ago.It's actually very normal to lose interest in the same person after seeing the person too often; this is how humans were engineered to be.

But, in as much as this is normal, is that how you're going to live all your life? I mean, are you going to change your partner every now and then because you quickly lose interest in people? Will you accept people to be just tourists in your life? A real person with an ambition in life would one day want to settle on that one person. But how shall you avoid this very threatening this in your life?

Always avoid doing the same thing over and over again. You'd get bored with what you're doing, then think you're bored with the person. Change what you do with the same person. Play different games with your partner, change the genre of movies you watch together. Maybe start teaching your partner something new. Or let your partner teach you. In short, do a variety of things.

4. Misunderstanding




There's always that dullnight when you feel your partner so different. You'd perceive that you might have done something that hurt their feelings and made them so dull. Most probably, you'd ask your partner "what's wrong?" And that might lead to the most terrible argument. Most people would tend to answer such a question with "nothing." Then when persistence is applied to find out what's wrong, it might piss off the second person and actually lead to receiving a most terrible answer like "NOTHING IS WRONG! GODDAMN IT!" And that would change your mood to something else.

You better understand that you're not the only one in your partner's life. There are other people all capable of hurting your partner and might not always be the best thing to do to tell what could be wrong. Always understandthat your partner night not always be in a position to tell you everything, so it might be your time to he that understanding partner and put that persistence aside.

Always try to comprehend your partner's actions before acting. You might be terribly wrong and later come to regret why you had to do whatever you did rushly against your partner's stand.

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5. Accumulating doubts in your partner

Though I do not know who your partner is, one thing I'm sure of is that your partner is human. The other thing I'm sure of I'd that humans are a pathetic species. They all have their faults. And the worst thing you can do about your partner is to accumulate all their wrongs, then bring them up against the person on some untold day.

Imagine if all your wrongs were written down from the day of your birth till this very day, then someone steps forth to read these to you and have maybe a third party present to witness this. Wouldn't you feel like the worst human being around earth? Wouldn't too many doubts about yourself spew out by their own and even support your partner that you're not the right person for them?

What's worse is just being quiet about the accumulated wrongs your partner might have committed against you or somewhere else. Ilit would reach a point where you view your partner like poison. You'd just be unable to put with even the slightest of their faults.

And what to do about this? Talk it out. Communication is key. You do not expect your partner to just know without being told what they're doing wrong.They'd keep hurting you until you let them know. Talk each issue out as it comes. It builds afresh feeling for your partner each time you are able to get to terms with the issue. That's a sure fix for your relationship.

Problem solving strategies in long term relationship problems



Communication is one of the major ways to solve your long term relationship problems. But is it just enough the way it is? I have a feeling "how it's done" is actually more important than the actual thing that's done.Communication done wrongly could actually backfire and raise more problems on its own.

  • Avoid solving your problems on phone if you have the alternative of actually talking to the person to the face. A simpletouch might be the solution. And phone calls definitely won't provide this. Face to face talks are more likely to solve your problems  than textual or electronic sounds.
  • Mind your partner's choice. If the problem should be solved "later", listen to this. "Later"always comes.
  • Avoid fruitless arguments. And by "fruitless", I mean the kinds of arguments that will leave you broken, hurt and having achieved little from it.
  • Always have room to forgive your partner. This way, your partner will also see the need of pverloojuhg and forgiving your flaws altogether.
  • Have in mind that you could always silently forgive your partner without having to talk things over. Not everything has to be blurted out for a better relationship. But that does not mean you should not communicate with your partner. Communication is key, you always have to remember that.
  • Accept your faults and be apologetic to your partner. It's harder to leave an apologetic person than one who is not. Apologies are not a show of weakness, but of actual strength.
  • Be sure of your feelings for your partner. Unsure people are more prone to making poor decisions in their long term relationship  than those who are sure what they want.
  • Avoid unnecessary pressure. If it could wait, suspend it until your partner is ready.
  • Assess your actions before letting them out. Avoid anything that you think your partner will not take kindly.

Summary of long term relationship

Every long term relationship (and even short term ones) have their problems. If you're entering any kind of relationship expecting no problem, then earth may not be the place for you.

You both need to cooperate with your partner and find solutions to the problems you encounter as they come. Do not wait until it might be too late to even raise the issue of solving the problems. Sometimes the human mind might be unable to go back to something it already decided against.

Always take the step to make your partner feel special. Do not show them the slightest hint that you group them with everybody else. After all, what would be his difference with all the other lot that are not their partners? Treat them like they deserve more of you than anyone else.

Do not run away from your long term relationship problems. Run to them and solve them. Do not postpone them. Now is the right time for you to act. And as you solve, watch out for signs of things getting worse; then notice that that might be time for you to postpone dealing with the problem altogether, because your ultimate aim was to establish a better relationship and not to make things any worse.

Always be cautious of what might get your partner angry, then keep it easy. Problems are there to make your long term relationship stronger, not to make it any worse. Have the right mindset when dealing with long term relationship problems.

Long Term Relationship Problems Top 6 Long term teenage relationship problems
teenage relationship problems

teenage relationship problems

When love comes around it can either knock you down or fly away with it.  There are various factors that determine how  a person can be affected by long term relationship and one of them is age. Teenage is the most complicated and most delicate age group when it comes to long term relationship. It is at this age that many people are falling in love for the first time in their lives meaning that everything will be totally new.

Many teenagers don't have the real facts about relationships and they are ready to take anything that comes along so regardless of whether it is good or bad. They simply apply what they have learnt from their close circle or from the media. Teenagers get into long term relationships expecting that everything will be rosy. To their utter shock, things turn out to be rough and here are some of the key long term teenage relationship problems.

1.First love problem

First love is the first issue that comes into the picture of teenagers who are in a long term relationship. The love that has developed at this stage of life is so intense that your relationship partner will be willing to take a bullet for you. Though it sounds good, it comes with its own throes of pain. The hormones of first love can blind you not to see the true character of your lover regardless of how bad he or she may be. First love problem would mean that you will not know what to expect as everything will be new to you.

2.Peer Pressure

Unlike older people, teenagers are at high risk of being affected by peer pressure. As a teenager, you are likely to be heavily affected by what your friends are thinking about you or what they think about the person that you are dating. They may pressurise you to date a particular person or may disapprove your partner. You may fail to understand their intentions but one thing is that their pressure will have a direct impact on your relationship.

3.Commitment to education

It is at teenage stage of life that one starts to make critical career decisions. At this stage, you have gathered enough information which you will use to decide on what you want to do with your life. Being in a long term relationship with someone whose career goals don't go well with you can be quite a challenge. Another problem is that your partner may be always against your career goals and will always dissuade you from doing your best in your education.

4.Opposition from parents

A long term teenage relationship will not miss strong opposition from parents. Your parents may oppose you from getting into a long term relationship with a particular person simply because they want you to focus on your education or they have another reason which is unknown to you. This could be the same to your partner's parents and this can put your relationship in jeopardy.

5.Changes of life

As a teenagers in love, you will experince lots of changes in your life and these changes may affect your relationship. years will go fast and you will have to graduate from your high school. After graduation, you may have to go to different colleges and this will obviously have a direct impact on your relationship.


You are teenagers and probably  you are immature when it comes to delicate matters such as love and relationships. As teenagers, you will conduct yourselves differently from older couples. Probably you will be trying to live based on what you have seen in movies or Soap opera, behaving like the  best couple in the hood.

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