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02 Feb

How To Grow Your Hair Fast – Longer Hair Tips – AC

Tips for long hair in one month

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Are you want to Grow your hair longer and looking for how to get long hair, These are the tips to grow longer hair. Are there any of you out there who have tried enough times but did not get the longer hairs. It is the situation with most of us. To get pass your hair below your shoulders is a huge task for many of us. follow these tips and increase your personality

1) Vitamins is also helpfull how to get long hair 

how to get long hairlong hair tips

Take your vitamins because your hair needs good nutrients from inside to grow out. Don't take any random pills with random ingredients. Consult your doctor and ask for the best ones for your hair type.Vitamin A.Vitamin B.Vitamin C All of them. If you take my suggestion vitamin B12 is the most common one for hair growth and energy. Vitamins are also good for your body.
Not only your hair will grow long but they will get silkier from the roots

2) Deep Conditioning 

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Long hair tips in homemade Deep conditioning is very important and solve your problem how to get long hair. Your hair gets dry,damaged and break off so its very important to condition them and moisturized. After you do shampoo use LOREAL profession color moisturizer. Just take a quarter of size in your hand and work in your hair from starting from tips and up and DO NOT put it on your scalp. deep conditioning for natural hairImage Source

Keep it in for 3 to 5 minutes. Then take a brush and brush out any tingles in it. They will come out really easy with this conditioner. It works wonders. After all the conditioner is out rinse your hair with cold water. It will prevent your hair to get frenzy.
Do it at least once a week as this is very important. If you have dry hair then you can do every other day

natural hair growth tips

3) Keep your hair away from heat helps how to get long hair 

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For hair tips for long hair: Stay away from curling iron
Stay away from strainers
Try as hard as you can stay away from blow dryers.

These are so bad for your hair. Get into heat free hair style. If you got straight 

4) Keep away from bleach and dye

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In your teen days you try different things with your hair. The moment you keep your hair away from bleach and dye it will grow fast and naturally. The one suggestion is dye as natural color of your hair. So that you don’t have to worry about your bleach and let it grow.
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5) Trim your hair is this most important which helps how to get long hair

Dont trim too often but yes do it once in 2 to 3 months. Cut them couple of millimeters so that it don’t take off length but only trim a small part. Its very important because you don’t want to lose length because of split hair.

These are the 5 tips to grow long hair and that is exactly what you have to do to get those long hairs

Best Food For Hair Growth Or For Healthy Hair
food for hair growth

food for hair growth

Strong, healthy hair grows from the inside, and the food that you put in the mouth has a direct impact on the health of hair follicles in the scalp. So if you dream of a strong healthy hair, thick and begin your hair follicles to provide them with foods that promote the growth of healthy hair! Sounds complicated? It is not! Simply choose your favorite from the list of foods for hair growthto eat better for the growth of healthy hair then incorporate into your meal plan, and see your hair stronger and stronger, thicker and healthier!

1. Spinach

This is the 1st food for hair growth. Popeye made something good! Spinach is a healthy diet and nutrition profile is an important food for all nostalgia beautiful castles. Spinach is a best food for beta-carotene sources and a great source of folic acid. It also contains iron, the oxygen can wear the hair. To maximize the absorption of iron from spinach add rich foods in vitamin C to your meal, as they do not absorb iron non hemme iron (the nature of the iron content in spinach). Spinach contains vitamin E and vitamin B6.

2. Black sesame seeds

this is the 2nd food for hair growth. In traditional Chinese medicine black sesame seeds are used to stimulate hair growth and improve hair color. This is not surprising, since the black sesame seeds are loaded with zinc and copper. Copper is important for the proper functioning of the body, including the growth of healthy hair. A high intake of copper can cause hair loss and thinning hair.

3. Eggs

This is the 3rd food for hair growth. Eggs are an excellent source of dietary protein that is a major component of hair. In addition, the protein is easily digested in eggs and utilized by the body, so also consider bodybuilders the eggs in the gold standard for protein quality. Protein quality is generally measured by two values: the digestibility of amino acid score corrected protein (PDCAAS), which measures the integrity of a protein and biological value that reflects the amount of protein.

4. Wheat germ

this is the 4th food for hair growth. The dream of a strong and healthy hair? Then make sure, wheat germ in your diet! Wheat germ is rich in nutrients believed to promote growth of healthy hair. Wheat germ oil is a concentrated source of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), easy with wheat germ oil cup, which offers an impressive 75% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin B6! It is also an excellent source of other B vitamins, including vitamin B9 (folic acid) and vitamin B2. In addition, the wheat germ is one of the best sources of vitamin E and an excellent source of zinc in the diet. It is also a very good source of copper.

5: Sunflower seeds

This is the 5th food for hair growth. Sunflower seeds are eating definitely one of the best foods, if you want healthy with a beautiful hair color. These sweet nutty flavor beans are rich in nutrients to promote healthy hair. They are full of vitamin E, zinc, folic acid, iron and vitamin B2. They are also a good source of selenium, a cup more than providing a third of the recommended daily allowance. In addition, sunflower seeds a good source of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), with a cup providing 31% of the RDA.

6. Prunes

This is the 6th food for hair growth. Rich in copper and zinc, prunes (dried plums) are a real superhero meals for those who want to maintain healthy hair. Although our body needs only a small amount of copper, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the body, including the growth of healthy. A sufficient amount of copper helps to prevent hair loss and help hair thickness. Copper is also thought hair color and prevent premature aging of the hair to improve. Zinc, on the other hand plays a big role in the production of new cells (including hair).

7. Oats

This is the 7th food for hair growth. Eat oatmeal for breakfast is a good way to start a day right. Oatmeal is highly nutritious and an excellent source of vitamins B, zinc and copper – some of the most important for the promotion of micronutrients for healthy hair. They are also an excellent source of protein in the diet of vegetarians. Before eating oats, it is advisable to soak for several hours.

8. Beans

this is the 8th food for hair growth. Beans are wonderfully versatile vegetables that comes in unique shapes, sizes and colors However, they are all very tasty and very nutritious. They should also be part of any diet plan for hair care. Beans pack a protein to promote hair growth, but also are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals for friendly hair such as iron, zinc and biotin. Biotin is especially important for people with brittle hair. If your diet is low at present in the grains, it is preferable to gradually add as they can cause bloating restarted.

9. Brazil nuts

This is the 9th food for hair growth. Nuts are by far the best dietary source of selenium in nature: a single Brazil nut provides higher the intake newspaper reference in the United States! Due to its selenium content – in combination with the relatively high concentration of vitamin E, copper and zinc – are Brazil nuts at the top of the list of foods for healthy hair. Adding chopped Brazil nuts to your cereal or your favorite salad is a good way, these pumps nutrition in your diet.

10. Salad

This is the 10th food for hair growth. Good news for saladfans: salad is an excellent source of many nutrients, the hair to promote health, including beta-carotene, vitamin C, folic acid and iron, low in calories. If salad buys, you should choose organic products whenever to possible.

11. Mustard seeds

this is the 12th food for hair growth. Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, mustard seed can make a great addition into your diet, when it is intended to have a strong beautiful hair. Mustard seeds are one of the best sources of beta-carotene. Moreover, they are also a good source ofvitamin E, vitamin C, and folic acid.

12. Chinese cabbage

This is the 12th food for hair growth. These green leafy vegetables spread out to Asia and other regions. It is an important ingredient in many dishes in Asian style, but the use of this delicious Brassica members is not limited to purely culinary uses.

13. Rosemary

This is the 13th food for hair growth. Rosemary is a popular culinary herb. However, few people are aware that rosemary also has a long history as a medicinal plant. It was to be treated to various diseasesthroughout the history, including indigestion and headaches.

14. Sweet potatoes

This is the 14th food for hair growth. It will boost your health diet of hair by regular consumption of sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are also one of the most nutritious vegetables there is, and they are full of nutrients, maintain healthy hair.

15. Paprika Powder

This is the 15th food for hair growth. A large amount of vitamins and minerals in Paprika powder is so broad that a few tablespoons per day nutrients that gives you more healthy hair many vitamin pills. Paprika is full of beta-carotene and vitamin E.

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