How To Make Bones Healthy
14 Jan

How To Make Bones Healthy 15 Best Tips

15 Best Tips Of How To Make Bones Healthy

Bones are the main supporting framework of the body and you cannot afford to neglect them. You need to keep them strong and healthy regardless of your age, gender or race. Though bones appear lifeless and dormant, they are full of life and they always undergo a continuous process which can either make them to be strong or can weaken them.

Here are  15 best tips of how to make bones healthy:

1. Increase calcium intake. When thinking of bones, one common mineral that comes into your mind is calcium. This mineral play a key role in body by ensuring that there is proper development of bones and teeth. Boosting intake of calcium will definately make your bones to be stronger and healthier.

Some of the food that are rich in calcim include cheese, milk, spinach, yogurt and a good number of greens. You can also get calcium through dietary suppliments such as calcium carbonate and calcium citrate.

2. Boost vitamin D. Calcium goes hand in hand with vitamin D so the two nutrients should always accompany each other. The main reason as to why the two form a perfect combination is because vitamin D improves the body's ability to absorb calcium. Vitamin D is used in the remodelling and improving the structure of the bones.

3. Boost vitamin K intake: Apart from preventing the blood to clot, Vitamin K has another important role that it plays in the body and this role is directly related to bones. Vitamin K  helps the body to produce more proteins which will be later absorbed into the bones to increase their density. Common sources of vitamin K are leafy vegetables, berries, vegetable fats and grapes

4. Consume  proteins but with moderation: Another key component of the bones is collagen and it is proten in nature. Collagen is used to form structure of the bone meaning that moderate  consumption of protein will boost structure and density of bones. Taking too much proteins is equally dangerous for the bones.

5. Take plenty of potassium:  Scientific research has proven that there is a direct relationship between potassium intake and bone development especially among women. Increased intake of potassium improves the health status of the bones.

6. Exercises: Doing regular exercises is the key to  a happy healthy living. One of the area that can benefit from regular exercises is the bones. People who perform regular exercises increase their chances of developing stronger and denser bones as compared to those who don't do exercises. Spending 30 minutes a day doing vigorous exercises will leave a positive impact on your bones.

7. Do not neglect magnesium:  Of the total magnesium content in the body, approximately 60% of it is found in the bones. This means that this mineral plays a critical role in ensuring that the bones remain strong and helathy. Some of the sources of magnesium are: lugumes, nuts, leafy vegetables,dietary fiber and whole grain meals.

8. Check on your caffein intake: Though caffein has its own mental benefits, it can negatively affect your bones. Taking too much caffein will inhibit the body's ability to absorb calcium, a key nutrient that is needed by the bones. This does not mean that you should abandon your cup of coffee, just limit your intake.

9. Eat food rich in Vitamin B: The B Vitamins especially vitamin B12 help in the formation of new bone tissues which replace the old tissues. This means that taking plenty of vitamin B12 will ensure that your bones will always remain young, strong and fresh as the old tissues will have been replaced.

10. Increase Vitamin C intake: Collagen is a major component that makes up bones of the  body meaning that more you have it, the better for you. Vitamin C accelerates the formation of collagen hence the development of healthy bones.

11. Quit smoking: Smoking cigarretes has many negative effects on the body and the bones ae not spared by it. Studies have revealed that smoking prevents the body from absorbing important nutrients such as calcium hence negatively affecting growth and development of bones.

12. Cut down on alcohol:  Whether you like it or not, excessive consumption of alcohol has negative effects on the human bones. Apart from causing bone loss, alcohol prevents vitamin D from doing its function of strengthening the bones. This means that alcohol can make you to have weak bones.

13. Check on your dieting:  Dieting can be good for the weight loss process but it may not be good for the bones. By dieting, you are denying some calories that your body needs for the development of stronger and healthier bones.

14. Avoid vitamin E suppliments: Do not take vitamin E suplliments unless you have special instructions from the doctor. Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties which can damage the cells. Using vitamin E suppliments can greatly reduce mass of the human bones.

15. Avoid dangerous stunts: Stunts can be quite fun and they also provide a form of exercises. However, stunts do have their own limits.  Falling on the ground with a massive impact will leave your bones weak or even broken. Be careful with the stunts that you want to perform as not all of them are beneficial.

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