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19 Jan

25 Best Tips of how to Make Bones in the Body Stronger

Currently everyone is talking about leading a happy healthy life, a life that is devoid of many lifestyle diseases. You cannot move for a mile without spotting someone jogging on the sides of the road and many are trying to regulate their eating habits. While people are busy avoiding lifestyle diseases such as cancer, they are avoiding one area or the body that also requires special attention,the bones.

Bones play a big role in the body so they need to be stronger so as to perform their functions well.

Let's look at the 25 best tips of how to make bones in the body stronger.

1. Consume adequate proteins

There has been a raging debate over the effects of proteins on the bones. Heavy proteins such as the ones found in  red meat has been always associated with weakening the bones and derailing its mineral content. However, latest research has revealed that dietary protein not only build muscles but also increase bone mineral content. In short adequate consumption of proteins can make your bones stronger.

2. Know your history line

There are some hereditary medical conditions  associated with bones and one of them  is osteoporosis. Try to see if any member of your family line had this condition  and this will help you to take care of your bones in case of any eventuality.

3. Increase calcium consumption

Calcium has always been associated with bones  and  teeth so you should not think of ignoring this fact. Eat foods that are rich in this essential mineral and they include greens and dairy products.  You can also go for calcium suppliments as  they can boost calcium levels in the body.

4. Take carbohydrates

Do not forget this essential nutrient as it can also deliver magic results on yout bones in the body by making them stronger. Instead of simple carbohydrates, go for complex carbohydrates that is found in fruits and vegetables. They have low calory content but rich in essential minerals.

5. Boost vitamin D intake

Make vitamin D(sunshine vitamin)  your friend and allow it to do miracles in your bones. This vitamin helps your bones to absorb calcium which is later used to strengthen the bones. Apart from sunshine, you can get vitamin D from citrus fruits, cereals and dairy products.

6. Avoid taking soda

Soft drinks especially soda has high sugar content which has adverse effects on the strength of bones. This sugar limits the amount of mineral content in the bones hence weakening them. Limit your soda consumption and you will be on the safer side of life.

7. Quit smoking

Generally, smoking is quite unhealthy habit and should be avoided at all costs.  The chemicals found in  a cigarette  break down the particles that have been used to make the bones stronger hence weakening its structure and bonding. You should also limit your exposure to smoke by staying away from smokers.

8.Go slow on alcohol

Studies have revealed that alcohol ic beverages can negatively affect the strength of   bones especially during teenage and early twenties. It also increases the risk of one contacting osteoporosis.

9. Check on your salt intake

Salt is good for your health but only if taken with limits. High intake of sodium that is in salt will increase the amount of clacium that is being cleared from the body. This will also affect calcium that is found in bones.

10. Tone down on the coffee

It is understandable that you need that cup of coffee to stay awake or be alert in whatever that you are doing. However, you should not take too much of it as it can weaken your bones. take it moderately especially during your prime years.

11. Avoid inhaling polluted air

Exposure to pollution is another factor that can make bones in the  body to be weak.  A polluted air contains harmful chemicals which when inhaled or absorbed in the body, they can react with bones and weaken them. Try as much as possible to avoid polluted areas.

12. Balance the hormones

Studies have shown that hormonal imbalance can lead to bone loss or can make the bones to be weak. Too much of thyroid hormone will reduce the density of the bones resulting to weaker bones. Consult your doctor so as to be adviced on how to balance your hormones.

13. Boost magnesium

All parts of the body require magnesium so as to be strong but bones are the most important  parts that require this nutrient. This is because almost 60% of magnesium in the body is found in the bones. Magnesium accelerates the rate at which calcium is absorbed in the body  meaning that it has a direct impact on the strength of bones. Some of the sources of magnesium are: vegetables, legumes, bananas and potatoes.

14. Think of potassium

Potassium is equally important for your bones and joints.  This is in addition to the important role that potassium plays in streamlining neurone system, potassium increases the density of bones making resulting to a stronger bone framework.

15.  Try out Green Tea

Green tea has always been linked to several health benefits and one of them is promoting stronger bones. One  research revealed that women who take green tea tend to have stronger and denser bones as compared to those who have never taken it.

16.  Do physical exercises

Spare 30 minutes everyday to do weight-bearing exercises and you will be proud of your bones. Doing regular exercises will not only have an overall impact on your general health but will also improve the strength of your bones you can do Rafting and other outdoor games.

17. Vitamin K

Vitamin K has a direct impact on bones so you should not think of ignoring it. It makes the bones strong by making increasing its density. This minimizes chances of bone fractures and cases of broken bones.

18. Avoid jumping from  extreme heights

You may be still harbouring that dream of becoming an astronaut so that you can float in the air or even jump  from the highest points. Testing your body's flight capability will do more harm than good on your bones. Do not subject them to the torture of jumping from the extreme heights.

19. Plenty of water can do you good

Generally water is good for your health and you should take plenty of water in a day. Plenty of water in the body will ensure that some minerals can be dissolved in it faster before being absorbed by the bones. This will in turn make bones in the body stronger.

20. Take some rest

After a day of streneous physical exercises, take spare some time to have a good rest. Do not engage in any other physical activity but instead just sit and do nothing. Having adequate sleep is another way of taking a good rest.  Resting helps your body to recover energy which is used for proper utilisation of nutrients.

21. Take Vitamin B

Vitamin B especially vitamin B12 plays an important role key in enhancing important body functions. Lack or deficiency of vitamin B12 will result to a reduction in osteoblasts in the body. Osteoblasts are responsible for the formation of new bone tissues and in ensuring that the bones are strong.

22. Controlled Vitamin E intake

One of the most important aspect of vitamin E is its anti-inflammatory property. This property helps to fight off free radicals which can damage the body cells. However, an overdose of vitamin E suppliments can cause a decrease in the mass of the bones resulting to weaker bones.

23. Add vitamin C in your diet

A good percentage of your bones is made up of collagen  and the best thing that you can do about this is to enhance production of collagen. Vitamin C comes handy in enhancing synthesis of collagen and also in making your bones stronger.

24. Do not starve yourself

Due to various factors such as losing weight, you may decide to go on a diet.  It is good to do it but overdoing it can be extremely  harmful to your bones. In the process of dieting  you may be depriving your bones important nutrients such as calcium and vitamin D. Even while on diet, remember to take plenty of fruits and vegetables.

25. Decide to live healthy

Make a  bold decision to lead a healthy kind of lifestyle. A lifestyle which will not just focus on the strength of your bones but on your overall wellness. Eat a balanced diet and avoid junk foods. Stay away from drugs and do regular exercises.  Do yoga and maintain a positive mental status. All these will help you to lead a happy life and have stronger bones.

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