Make Your Girlfriend Happy
08 Jun

Some Secret Idea to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Are you looking for some tips how you make Girlfriend Happy :- Ok so let me tell you Some Secret Idea to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Dissatisfaction is the Root of all Evil in a Relationship.

Make Your Girlfriend HappyIf you want a lasting relationship and want to make your Girlfriend Happy, you have to invest a lot in to it to make Girlfriend Happy, that is: emotionally, financially and even time. A good number of men want to know how to make a Girlfriend Happy, because hard as they try, they never seem to get it right.However, after reading this article, you will have the happiest girlfriend in the world, who will in turn make u the happiest man on earth. Let's get down for some tips how to make Girlfriend Happy.



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BUY HER GIFTS Make Your Girlfriend Happy :- You cannot imagine the effect this has on women. A simple chocolate bar is more appreciated than a thousand dollars. To women, it's not about the financial value of the gift, but how much you think about them as to buy them the gift. This does not however mean expensive gifts are ruled out. You might want to know gifts for your girlfriend. The first thing you need to consider when buying a gift for your girlfriend is your girlfriend's nature. Find out what your girl likes. For example if your girlfriend likes to live a posh lifestyle, then chocolate bar will not impress her at all. You can for example get such a girlfriend a gold necklace, or diamond ear rings or the like. You could also get her a more useful gift like a high end smartphone. If your girlfriend likes to live a simple life without a lot of showing off, then you should get her a more romantic gift. These romantic gifts to get your girlfriend will sound most ridiculous to you as a guy but will mean the world to your girl. These gifts range from a chocolate bar, a bouquet of roses or a stuffed animal. If your girlfriend is this type of girl, you really need to be creative because such girls are not impressed by the price of what you get them, but how emotionally close it is to them. You could find out from her friends her favorite stuffed animal as a child, or her favorite book in the same period and surprise her with it.

In the end, when it comes to gifts, it heavily depends on your girl. But traditionally romantic gifts such as flowers, a bottle of wine, a bar of chocolate etcetera always do for the tricky things to get your girlfriend.


To make Girlfriend Happy Gifts alone will not be enough to keep a happy girl. If you really want to know how to make a Girlfriend Happy, you need to be romantic. Being romantic in itself is a broad and complex phenomenon but let's try and explore some of its fundamentals to make Girlfriend Happy.


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Women like to be reminded what they already know for some reason alien to me and sociologists. Since there's nothing you can do about it as a man, I recommend you adapt to the situation and learn to repeatedly proclaim your unrelenting love to your girlfriend as often as possible. This will reassure her of your strong love and make her strive to feel the same. Reminding her daily will help her resist any advances from other guys throughout the day. She will remember how much you love her and feel reassured.



This shows her that you are not ashamed of her and that your love for her is not partial. If you're walking somewhere in a park, you could hold her hand or put your hand over her shoulder. Women, being a competitive species, feel happy when you show them affection in front of their friends. They mostly want to show their friends how passionate your relationship is and how much you love her. So if you kiss her in front of her friends, you can be sure that she'll be pleased. It is also advisable not to get too close her female friends, unless you were already friends with them before you began your relationship with her. Women tend to get jealous if you start being too close to her friend all of a sudden. I advise minimum interaction with your girlfriend's female friends.


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Some of the other sweet things you can do for your girlfriend is make artistic pieces for her. This can be either a poem, a song or the like. If you know you can write a good poem, make one and recite it for her. Girls find this very romantic. If you can't write a good poem, don't force one, just go online and find a good love poem which isn't common. Don't do this though if your girlfriend is a huge poetry fan because she might know some poems you don't and might find out you got them online. An alternative to this is singing. If you are very sure that your voice is okay – and being very sure is the key, you could sing her a love song. I insist again that you should only do this if you are sure that your voice is good. You might want to stay away from this if your voice can be used as a siren.

If the above go above your creative and artistic levels, worry not. You can send simple love messages to have the same effect. Since the above were difficult, I'll be kind enough to give you a few examples here of cute paragraphs to send your girlfriend.

1. I don't know how much you love me. But one thing I'm sure about is that I love you more

2. If you could see the world the way I do, you would realize how much I love you

3. I can't believe you are thinking about me because I'm thinking about you and they are thinking about us.

4. I didn't believe in love until I met you. You taught me what love is. What is love? It's the butterflies I feel when I see you, it's the tears that wet my pillow when we don't talk. Please never walk out on me.

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Actually, pickup lines are all over the internet. However, these contain terrible outcomes of desperation and may have head think terrible of you. Think before you use a pickup line. However, I hope you get the flow. You don't have to say something special. Just say a common thing in a special way. It's not rocket science.

To make Girlfriend Happy TAKE HER OUT

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This has nothing to do with guns (chuckle). Your relationship might get stuck in a rut if you only meet at a single point, say your house, or work or worse, you live together. You tend to get too accustomed to that environment and start to get bored. It's romantic to take her out once in a while. In fact, this is one of the most cute things to do for your girlfriend. You could take her to a fancy hotel for lunch or dinner, and spend the time to get to know each other a bit better. If she doesn't like fancy hotels, or your wallet has seen better days, you could always do a more economic, equally romantic date such as going out to the cinemas. Another more economic, more fun alternative would be to go out to a park. This gets so fun, by the time you leave, be sure your relationship will be on another level. Buy her ice cream, take her to the merry go round.. There's nothing more romantic than acting like kids. Play with her, chase her around and carry her when you catch her (If she's not that heavy). In short, don't be too formal with your girlfriend, she's your girl not your boss! In the midst of all this, remember the previously stated rules, when you're out with her, constantly display your affection for her. Open the car door for her, if you are going to a restaurant, pull the chair for her etcetera.

To make Girlfriend Happy  COMPLIMENT HER ALWAYS

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Simple compliments go a long way in touching a girl's heart. Always notice when she changes her hairstyle and compliment her on it. Women are easily snatched by other men who appreciate them. You should therefore never hesitate to compliment her, if she cooks and the meal is terrible, at least encourage her 'this is great, only you should use a little less salt next time' or such a remark that will not hurt her. You should sometimes consider the amount of effort she puts in making you happy and appreciate accordingly. However, you don't have to tell her you like something you don't, it will be apparent from your expression, best advice is not to comment at all on such matters. Try to cheer her up when she's down. Say she lost a contest, or she just got fired, always be there to assure her that everything will be alright however bleak it may seem. You should also avoid flirting with other girls or staring at other girls in her presence. This makes her start to wonder what is inadequate about her, some women may also feel insecure, which is the primary cause for many cat fights.

To make Girlfriend Happy LEARN HOW TO COOK

There's nothing more romantic than a man in the kitchen – a famous sociologist and relationship therapist

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This is more romantic if you live together. Take cooking lessons and surprise her one day. Get from work early, prepare her favorite meal, if you find that what you cooked is not good, wait for her to get home before you order. She will definitely appreciate the effort. Even more romantic would be waking up early and bringing her breakfast in bed, preferably on weekends or whatever day that you have minimal commitments. If you don't live with your girlfriend, you could always invite her over to your house and cook for her, you could also go over to her house if it's safe for you to do so (if she doesn't live with her parents or you are in good terms with her parents). This should be the case whenever you are free and she's cooking, you could help her out as you learn some skills for future use.


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To make Girlfriend Happy: Do you know anything about your girlfriend except her first name? You need to show some interest in her life because you are part of it. Learn her hobbies and take a bit of interest in them. For example if she does ballet, it would mean the world to her if you went to her concerts and go backstage to give her moral support. Know all her likes and dislikes and act on them accordingly. Support her in what she wants to do, say her ambitions, even if you don't completely agree. If you are always there for her, rest assured she will be there for you. Simply strive to show interest in what she does, as much as you want her to be interested in what you do.


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To make Girlfriend Happy It would be overambitious to tell you not to keep secrets from her because everyone has secrets. But if you want a lasting and stable relationship with your girlfriend, you should often confide in her and tell her the bulk of what you wouldn't otherwise tell anyone. That way, she will be fully confident that you trust her and will not hesitate to give you her trust. If there's some information that could damage your relationship that she doesn't know about, it's best if she heard it from you. Find the opportune place and time, and as carefully and delicately break the news to her. If she gets it from you, it will again show her you trust her and that you're serious about her, and if it's something you did wrong, this act will prove your remorse.


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To make Girlfriend Happy :- At the end of the day, give her some room to herself. You should always give her time in your schedule, but she should not be your whole schedule. Give her some alone time with her friends or to go out or do something else. If you are always hanging around, it might look like you are really desperate for her and that's not good for your relationship. She might soon underappreciate you. So it's best to spend a considerable amount of time apart, this also reduces the risk of fights which are eminent in relationships

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