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25 Handlebar Moustache Styles To Rock – AC

Handlebar moustache is the type that requires no introduction, for this has been around for centuries. Some of the famous Renaissance artists have it, as well as the actors in the Wild West movies. This is the result of allowing your moustache to grow in inches and be formed in any manner you see fit.

Here are the some of the styles that you can try

1: The Dali

The moustache of this man is long enough that the tips are almost touching his eyes. Based on the thickness of hair on each side, it has not been trimmed to create a fully extended visual.

2: The Gondolier

This resembles the shape of a gondola. The middle portion is groomed well, but the extremes have been grown out and slightly curved, just like the front and rear sides of a boat.

3: The Double O

The rounded tips exude elegance like no other. The length of the whole moustache is two to three inches, and it is parted at the center before forming the circles near the cheeks.

4: The Timid

This is a timid moustache because of the tiny curves that look like waves at both ends of it. The hairs in the middle are long enough to cover the upper lip too.

5: The Rouge

It embodies the cowboys who have a huge impact in the Hollywood with their manliness and low-maintenance appeal. To keep this look, you just have to trim the area above your lips and nothing else.

6: The Majestic

This handlebar moustache is also known as the Imperial for many, as most of the business owners in New York have rocked this in the 19th century. Replicate it by making mirror images of C instead of O.

7: The Petite

There is something very demure about this moustache. You will practically need to shave a huge portion of it, except for the uppermost layer.

8: The English

The moustache that has a bit of semblance to the feelers of a catfish has been a standard for the Englishmen in the olden days. The sides of the mouth serves as the reference where the hair should be thread-like.

9: The Napoleon

It is easy to recreate this style, especially if you already have a lengthy moustache. When it is about an inch long, do not mind the inner portion and simply pull and twist the ends. The tip has to be the same height as your lips.

10: The Unkempt Imperial

Such a design is perfect for those who originally have bushy moustache. This will enable you to not tame the facial hair often and only cut it up to the opening of your mouth. The half-moons cannot be forgotten as well.

11: The Semi Imperial

This is the middle form of the Imperial which works well with or without a full beard. Unlike the moustache before this, you may have to do a trim every other day to ensure that it remains in the same length.

12: The Groomed

It is a highly polished style of moustache that suits men who have defined cheekbones. The reason is because the thinness of the tips can highlight your other features.

13: The Hybrid

At first glance, you may think that it is an English moustache. However, the soft curve on the ends makes it a cross between the latter and The Dali.

14: The English 2

The salt and pepper moustache of the guy in the picture turns it into a somewhat blonde color. The semi-circle shape of the hair on the upper lip is great for oval faces.

15: The OG

If you are curious about what a real handlebar moustache is like, you are looking at it now. Small part of the skin is visible at the center, while the hair is curving up a little.

16: The Dapper

It is another variation of the Imperial that is somewhat more appropriate for the guys with round face shapes. There is a slightly noticeable arc at the tips which helps in making the person seem slimmer.

17: The Chameleon

This moustache can match any clothing style. The man is only wearing clean-cut clothes in this photo, but when he changes into cowboy or formal apparel, it will still be amazing to check out.

18: The Rugged

The design is going to be awesome on men who want to stay away from tuxedos and button-downs as much as possible. It is not out of control, yet it is not tamed either.

19: The French

In case you are in the mood for love and do not wish to depart with your beloved moustache, you can rock this French style. It pans out nicely too to emphasize your gorgeous eyes.

20: The Painter

The creative males who ruled the Renaissance period all have matching beards and moustaches that you may also recreate and tweak a bit. The upward tips are also similar to how Dali usually wears his moustache. You will look more vintage when you put on collared polos and pinstripes.

21: The Mexican Twist

The authentic Mexican moustache does not have the arced ends. Yet, the addition somehow suits the design and transforms it into a handlebar style.

22: The Pirate

The unruly yet regal vibe that this handlebar moustache gives off may remind of the pirates who rule the seas in the movies. The lower portion of makes the guy seem as if he has no care about how the world sees him, but the fixed curve on the upper part says otherwise.

23: The Horns

This Dali totally looks like a pair of bull’s horns, don’t you think? The skyward curve of the seemingly sharp points matches the guy’s bowler hat so well.

24: The Wisp

The Imperial moustache in the image opens a lot of ideas, as it suggests that you can change the color of the ends from the middle.

25: The Interstellar

The almost invisible curve at the end of this moustache shows that the onlooker has to give his or her attention to this person in order to see this.

To find out which handlebar moustache style look best on you, try them out one by one. Remember, “those who mind don’t matter, but those who matter don’t mind”.

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