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27 Sep

10 Crucial Tips for Muscle Building

A lot of young guys are very curious about how to make muscles. They also feel bad if they are underweight. For all such issues, muscle building is the unanimously solution. Muscle building is an art which requires some expertise in order to achieve the desired results.

Following are some tips

which can prove to be very beneficial for muscle building guys:

  1. Proteins are very essential for muscle building – The growth of your muscles is dependent on the amount of proteins stored in your body. This process is called protein synthesis. The shortage of protein comes when protein is consumed by other needs of your body. The idea is to have a good intake of proteins which balances the consumption and conservation of protein.
  2. Include Meat in Your Diet – In order to fulfill the demand of proteins in your body, eating red meat can be a fantastic option. The quantity of meat consumption should be equivalent to 1 gram protein per pound of your weight. Remember that excess of everything is bad. It is much better to eat less, but consistently, rather than overeating.
  3. When can you Eat More – The people looking for muscle building are only advised to eat more if the diet they consume has less proportion of protein in it. Eating more is also sometimes needed when you want to add more calories to your body.
  4. Workout your Biggest Muscles First – If you are a beginner in muscle building then try to work out your biggest and strongest muscles. These muscles include chest, shoulder, legs and back. The idea is not to do any intense exercise right in the beginning, which can cause stress and fatigue to your muscles.
  5. Having stiff drinks before your workout session – It is ideal to take protein shakes right before your exercise session which also contains amino acids in it. As exercises are supposed to increase blood circulation in our body, so protein shakes with amino acids can result in better muscles due to amino acid intake.
  6. Workout Every Alternate day – It is highly recommended for newbies to workout every other day. Giving rest to your muscles is also essential when you exert too much and in return you get much stronger muscles. Make it a regular routine and the results would be evident within weeks.
  7. Avoiding Carbs in your diet – Research shows that carbs intake affects your muscle building process and most of the times slow it down. But, if at all you want to have carbs, then only take it on your rest day.
  8. Have Frequent Meals in a Day – The muscle builders should take at least 5-6 meals in a day. Don’t overeat, but take healthy diet with lots of protein in it. Eating less after a big gap can affect the muscle building process.
  9. Ice Cream – Ice cream can be the best dessert, which you can take 2 hours after your workout session. Ice cream actually helps in triggering the insulin level of your body which is pivotal for the muscle building process.
  10. Milk at Night –Milk, as we all know is a powerful diet and it ideally should be taken before going to bed as it helps in relaxing your muscles.
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