Ingredients Of Marriage Proposal
20 Dec

Must know 10 Ingredients Of Marriage Proposal

1.    Shining and smiling.
First and foremost, you have to become happy yourself. No one would like to eat an ice-scream which is spoiled. Be fresh and happy and men will recognize you. If you are happy, a man would like to be closer to you. Smile. Let your every day time be full of joy. Do crazy and unusual things. They will implement more positive emotions in your life and help you become happy.

2. Respect for men and being polite.

Respect to other people is a thing every man would look while choosing a partner to live with. If we speak about a father of a woman, the logic is such: if she respects her father, she would respect her husband. Thus men think twice and even thrice before giving you a proposal. Respect men on the street, even beggars. A wise man would notice it. Showing respect to people is like a cherry on a cake. It is possible to live without it, but with it is more preferable.
3. Taking care of your look.
Look in the mirror from time to time. You would not like to be together with a guy who looks not good, so why he would like to be with you, if you do not look like good? Every time you go out from your home, make sure your hair is done and your lipstick lies perfectly. You may think that men do not notice your way of look, but they do. That is why taking care of your beauty is essential. It will not take a lot of time as you may think, but the result is worth expecting.

4.Believing that you can get married.

   Sometimes it is just enough to change the way of your beliefs. I do not mean changing the religion. If you are Muslim, be Muslim, if you are Christian, be Christian. The thing you have to change is the way of thinking. Probably, somebody might have told you that you can not get married or cursed you. Do not believe that their bad words will work. Believe that everything is possible in your life and getting married is not an exception. Be sure that you will be happy in marriage!
5. Letting Confidence be your best friend.

Confidence, Confidence, Confidence. Treat it as a friend and it will help you. Sometimes you have to work on your confidence and even push yourself, sometimes it requires less efforts. But remember, that a woman who is confident gets more attention from men, than that who is not. Show a man that you can solve any problem. Let him see and know that nothing is impossible for you. Try not to make him think that you are helpless little girl. Man wants to marry woman, not a girl. Be a confident woman than! Get, set, go now!
6.Expressing your real opinion and not pretending.

From the very beginning of your relationships do not hide your real opinion. Do not be afraid to open your mouth and express your thoughts. Let your words be true and live. Do not hide your emotions because sooner or later everything would become vivid. Tell him how you really feel about last movie you went together. Put more sense into your words. Avoid plagiarism and other people’s ideas. Be yourself and express your own thoughts.

7. Making a list of qualities of your ideal man and writing a common purpose.

If you do not have a boyfriend, you can make a list of qualities you would like to meet in your future husband. If you know what you want, the whole universe will help you. God will show you the way to find your Mr. Right the way you did not even imagine. You just have to be sure in what you need and prefer.

  If you have already a person you date with, you may write your purpose and plans for future. Ask him to write the same. If your goals coincide, it is worth creating a family. If it is not, it is less convenient to go hand in hand together. For example, if your man is a Muslim and you are a Christian, it would be difficult to be together because of the system of beliefs.
  Try to figure out for yourself what you need in this life.

8.Being romantic.

Switch on your fantasy. Do little romantic things to him. Do not forget little and precious moment of your time spent together. Men also like presents and compliments. Express how you love him, imagine something extraordinary. Use your imagination. Present him with a mint tie to celebrate the day of your first date.
Continue to visit places you were together.

9. Developing your sense of humor and mind.

It is not a secret that sense of humor helps in difficult situations. Be ready to work on your sense of humor and mind. Sometimes life is hard, but you may change your attitude to it and the weather will change, and the sun will smile to you. As it was mentioned, play jokes, have fun. You were born to be happy and laugh.

The other thing you have to work on is your mind. Forget how your mother cooked that dish, create one of your own, and your future husband would appreciate that. Learn all the time and it will be interesting for the man to spend time with you.

10. Love.

Of course, last, but not least, love. Love not only your man. Love nature, animals, people who surround you. Sow your love. Love is like a seed: you never know when it will give the harvest. Give a piece of your heart, and you will get back. Differ between love and passion. It is good when they come together, but if there is only one of them present, it’s time to think over. Love is a feeling that spreads your wings and brings you to new horizons.
   Love is like minerals, passion is like proteins. Well, together, there may be good afrolems.

Wish your relationships were like a good nourishing dish!

What Not to put into that dish:

*Consulting with his mother.

   Some women think that if they become friends with his mother, they will get married and they are not right. Mother and wife are two different personalities in life of a man. Mother treated him as a child and wife treats as a man, do not mix these notions. He does not want to marry his mother. He just wants to be with you the way you are. Do not try to influence the mother of your man, because he would feel that you do your best to make him marry you. Wait, until he gets you acquainted with his mother. Slow down.

*Constant critics and dirty language.

  If he hears constant critics from you, he will run away on your wedding day from you. If you do that, stop and work on your character. Critics can be of two kinds: constructive and destructive. Constructive criticism is positive one that shows the way of solving the problem, the negative one is destructive critics that ruins everything on it’s way.
  Pay attention to your words. Do not use obscene language. Let your speech be full of pleasant words.

*Pushing him to make a decision.

  If you want to be a wife, do not be a leader in your relationships. Wait, until he will make a decision. Respect his character and point of view. Meanwhile, you can think over other things. For example, you may spend more time with your friends and read books, change your hairstyle, work harder at your job. Do not focus on becoming married. Wait for your time.

*Flirting with his best friend.

  Provoking jealousy may even play a bad joke and end your relationships. If you go together to a party, dance with him. Do not think that he will give you a proposal sooner, if you continue to misbehave like that. Be faithful.

* Sleeping with him before marriage.

    No normal man wants to have a wife who sleeps with any other men. If you slept with him, for him it means that potentially you can do it with anybody else. Be pure. Keep yourself before marriage. You will only benefit out of it when you get married. Wait until your time will come. Keep your body for your future child.

* Being Too obedient.

    Until you become his wife, you do not have to be very obedient to him. If he had not become your husband, why would you be like that? Keep a little part of the resistance and your own way of thinking. You are yet free. Do not let him impose his opinion on you. When you become his wife, only then you will have to be very obedient to him. But not right now. Be a mysterious person, who is sometimes unpredictable.

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