Easy Ways to Be Hot
21 Oct

Must Know Easy Ways to Be Hot

Must Know Easy Ways to Be  Hot, Best 15 Tips

Probably in your life you might have heard this statement, "that lady is hot!". Even you might have been told several times in your lifetime and obviously the statement left you flattered. When you are hot, everyone in the room will feel your presence and you will turn heads while strolling on the streets. You are more than just beautiful. Good news is that you don't have to go through complex procedures so as to be hot. Here are some of the best tips of how to be hot.

1. Stay fit

Being hot doesn't mean that you must be skinny instead it means keeping your body in good shape.  Being in good shape and maintaining a healthy body weight will definately make you attractive to everyone not forgetting the health benefits that you will enjoy just for staying fit. There are diffeernt ways of being fit and they include working out, being involved in sports and maintaining a healthy diet.  Be disciplined to  undertake these activities and the results will be quite impressive.

2. Skin Care

Most of people are looking for how to become hot and attractive and Skin is one of the factors that is used to asses a person's level of hottness. Basically you need to have a perfect and flawless skin which will be a magnet to everyone's eyes. This can be achieved if you regularly take care of your skin. Take atleast 5 minutes in the morning and in the evening on your skin. Wash and rinse your face in the morning and at night before you sleep.

3. Taking shower daily

Taking a warm shower in the morning before you step out will make you look hot.  It will not only transform you physically but it will also take your mental status to another level. You will feel fresh, smell nice and look hotter. Applying deodrant after the shower will be a plus.

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4.Reveal your smile

Your killer smile may be what defines you. Do not hesitate to show it off whenever you get a chance  When interacting with other people, try to maintain your smile as this will keep the mood around  light.

5. Dental hygiene

Good dental hygiene is one of the things that cannot be neglected  when assesing the hottness of a person. so if you thin how to catch a guy's eye You may be having a good smile but this will be of no use if you have stained teeth or bad breath.  Try to brush your teeth atkleast after every meal and while doinng this, do not forget to brush your tongue. Always have mints and gums in your bag as because of the magic effect that they can have on your teeth.

6. Yummy lips

Compliment your perfect dental features with sexy yummy lips which everyone will fall in love with. Drink plenty of water so as to keep them hydrated hence protecting them from getting dry. They should always be wet but not chapped.

7. Apply makeup

Look hot without makeup or with makeup Makeup is used to enhance you natural beauty and make you to sexier. They can also be used to conceal some of the flaws that may be on your skin making you to have a perfect look. Apply different levels of make but be careful not to overdo the whole thing. While doing this, ensure that your natural beauty is not changed by the makeup.

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8. Hot hairstyle

Change you hairstyle regularly till you stumble upon one that makes you feel super hot. Putting some efforts on your hair won't go unseen meaning that the more effort you put, the hotter you get. Ponytail has been always associated with hot girls so you should consider having it regularly. If one hairstyle seem not to be working well with you, just get a haircut and go for another style.

9. Dress according to your shape

Wear clothes that suit you but not what your friends are wearing.  Some clothes may look good on other people and  be a mess on you. Choose clothes that perfectly fit your body shape and make you to appear more beautiful.  Do not be afraid of exposing your sexy curves or other sexy body features.

10. Wear Heels

High heels have a tendency of making one to look hotter as compared to flat  heeled shoes. The higher they are the  hotter you get. Wear heels only if you are comfortable on them, yes underline the word "comfort". If you find yourself struggling  while on the heels, stick to your flat shoes and you will be safe.

11.Get some education

Being hot does not mean that the only thing that you should think about is beauty and beauty products. Go to school and be an expert in your area of interest.  Be curious about what is happening around the world by such as politics, environment, and the latest news. Being knowledgeble makes you look hotter.

12. Have a good posture

Try to have a good posture as this will communicate to other people how you perceive yourself. Keep your head high and shoulders at the back showing that you are confident about yourself. Do not lean on one side of the body but instead be balanced.

13. Good personality

Hot ladies are always are associated with good personalities. Try to maintain a good personality while interacting with other people regardless of your social status. Be respectful, polite and never use abusive words when talking with people. By doing this, you will not only win their hearts but you will also look hotter.

14. Walk with elegance

The way you walk speaks volumes about  you. It will also have a direct impact on your general appearance. You don't have to walk like beauty queens but you can copy some aspects abouth their walking style. Walk gracefully while swaying your hips sideways exposing your curves. Do not always be in a hurry but instead  make calculated strides  that will reveal the confidence and zeal in you.

15.Be enthusiastic

Always show signs of enthusiasm in you even if you are going through a very difficult situation. Staying positive will not only make you look hotter  but it will also make you attractive to other people.


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