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25 Sep

Name Of Bones In Arm How To Make Arm Bones Strong – AC

We have earlier talked about the different bones in the human body. Here we will concentrate in the name of bones in our arm. We will first start with a diagrammatic representation.

The radius and ulna (name of bones of the forearm), shown in supination (the arm rotated outward so that the palm of the hand faces forward.

Anterior view of the bones of the right shoulder, showing the clavicle (collarbone), scapula (shoulder blade), and humerus (upper arm bone).

In a tabular form name of bone can be shown as below






The bones of the upper armconsists of a total of 6 bones, 3 on each side.Name of bone are as below:

The clavicle consists of 1 bone on each side.

The scapula consists of 1 bone on each side.

The humerus consists of 1 bone on each side.

The bones of the lower armconsists of a total of 4 bones, 2 on each side.Name of bone are as below:

The ulnaconsists of 1 bone on each side.

The radiusconsists of 1 bone on each side.

Building and strengthening of bones start from the childhood itself. There are many ways you can make the bones of your arm stronger. I will discuss some of the methods to make your bones strong.

To work with your bones you should also know what material build your bone. Bones are made up of collagen and calcium. 1 in 2 women are affected by osteoporosis-related fracture. 1 in 4 men are affected by osteoporosis-related fracture. Some people are at a higher risk of weaker bones than others.

You can select from the number of options most suitable to you and start.

Eating Habits to make your Arm bones Strong

Calcium in Diet – Dairy products such as milk, cheese, and yogurt are sources of calcium in your diet. Calcium fortified soymilk, almond milk are also some sources. Vegetable sources of calcium include turnip and collard greens, Chinese cabbage, black-eyed peas, kale, and broccoli.Whole-grain breakfast cereals are rich in calcium. For non-vegetarians Canned sardines and canned salmon are sources of calcium.

Calcium Supplements – Your diet should have plenty of Calcium. Requirement of Calcium in our body is between 2,000-2,500mg per day. If your diet cannot supply this quantity of calcium you need to go forcalcium supplements. Must consult your doctor in choosing the supplement and the requirement for any such supplement.

Vitamin D – this helps in the synthesis of calcium in the body. Hence, make sure to include this in your diet. This is like an agent which will the tram the calcium in your bones. Breastmilk is the source for the babies. Swordfish, salmon, tuna, and mackerel are the best sources of natural vitamin D. Beef liver, cheese, and egg yolks also contain some vitamin D. The skin when exposed to uv rays is capable of synthesising Vitamin D. Otherwise you should go for Vitamin D Supplements to make up for the vitamin D if you are not a non-vegetarian.

Protein – Collagen a constituent of the bone is a protein. So protein should be a part of your daily diet. This will help the body to absorb calcium. Lean meats, eggs, and vegetables and whole grains are rich in protein.

Other Vitamins & Minerals – Apart from the above foods Vit B, Vit K, Vit E, Vit C and Mineral Magnesium in your diet will definitely help in making your bones of the arms strong.


Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle always help you go for a long way in your overall well being. Healthy lifesty is sometimes not doing certain things. Below are some points you should keep away from to maintain and grow the strength of your bones.

  • Do not go for a stringent diet unless recommended by your doctor. Such dieting weakens your bon
  • Quit smoking both actively and passively. Smoking is such an activity which makes our bones porous.

To keep fit you need to exercise. Your arm bones are no exception. You need well selected exercises for your arms to make them strong and keep them healthy. Also you should not overdo the exercises which may harm your bones. So be careful and enjoy. The exercise will help in the increase in increasing the bone density and make them strong.


Like the name of bone the name of the exercise is called LIVE so that you remember which exercise is for what purpose.

L stands for Load-bearing. This kind of exercise help your muscles to work against gravity by moving your self-weight or some add some added weight upwards and downwards. The load-bearing exercise has the most bone-building benefits. Few examples

  • Running and jogging
  • Stair climbing
  • Step aerobics
  • Jumping rope and jumping jacks
  • Dancing (or other choreography) that involves hopping, jumping, stomping, or skipping
  • Walking or hiking uphill


I is for Intensity. Depending on your purpose of developing your arm bones you can use more weight for more strength. More you move and the more vigorously you move the weight, the more this exercise will strengthen your bones. But you should be careful and gradually increase the weight as per your capability. Same with the vigour you will adapt.


V is for Variety. Exercises that involve different muscles in different functional movement helps more to strengthen the bones of the arm.


E is for Enjoyable. Exercise to makes the bones of arms are not very enjoyable. And if you do not enjoy you will discontinue the exercises If you don’t like your exercises, you’re not likely to do them. So try and choose exercises that are enjoyable and keeps you.

Apart from this stomping your leg on the ground also help you make your bones stronger.


So go ahead and start a healthy diet and exercise daily. That would be your secret for strong healthy bones. If you are not sure you should meet a doctor or may be a nutritionist who can further help you to perfect your diet and exercises and can suggest any supplement if required and supported by clinical tests. More than anything else do not worry and be happy. So I will leave you and go to prepare for some more tips for you.

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