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How to unlock password protected computer

In the current world, it’s impossible to live without a computer. Computer maybe the most uses tool for any age of people. They are useful for student, businessman, scientist, politician and so on. Today one can order their meal using a computer from home, deal business in another country, read online newspaper. Computer using is now regular day job, but a major problem arises when someone just forgot the password. The Online password isn’t difficult to reset but forgot windows password can give one difficulty. Forgot the password means one can unable to access all of files and software tied to the account. Unlock a computer is not easy, have some procedure to follow.             

How to unlock a computer when forgot windows password:

We can use some traditional system to unlock a computer or we can use some third-party software.

Method- 1:

After turn on the computer wait till login page appeared. When asking for a password then type, ctrl+alt+delete.

When a new page appeared please type ‘Administrator’              in Username space.

No need to enter anything in password space

Press Enter and u can unlock. (Education purpose only)

Note: Above method only works when one has an admin account and no password.


For a laptop, remove the little battery inside of it and put it back in if the laptop is BIOS. That could be restored default settings. It’s sometimes a hurdler. At times you can find backdoor passwords by looking up the make and model from the net. You have to gear the system and install a fresh one if it is password protected through the operating system.

Method- 3:

If above method fail try this. install iSunshare Windows Password Genius

This tool can help you to recover forgotten windows password and its support all windows operating system and all computer type as Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/NT/2000 and Windows server 2000/2003/2008/2011/2012. It’s also accessible for Windows 10/8 Microsoft account password forgot. If someone has user account password problem then this it can recover user account for the user.

-It’s easy to use

-Recover forgot password with CD, DVD and Pen drive

-Recover all Windows local and domain passwords and reset Windows 10/8 Microsoft account password

-It has four version and you can choose any of it.

-Price of the software is quite reasonable

-Save time and one can easily use it without any difficulties

Finally, the computer is now a basic necessity of a life of each people for all ages. It’s important for children also. They can use paint and other children friendly website for learning purpose. But forgot windows password can arises a problem in our life because we are so dependable to this tool. There can be a situation where you have to be very prompt, suppose you have mail someone and then you found that you just forgot the login password. Can be a disaster. So, if we want to use a computer without difficulties we can use a different method but PC unlocking software can make it easy and more importantly safe to unlock windows password.

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