How to Use PayTM to Recharge Mobile
02 Dec

How to Use PayTM to Recharge Mobile – AmazeCraze

Of course you should have heard of Paytm one way or the other. Well Paytm is basically a property of One97 Communications. This is a digital payments platform which gives you the opportunity to make transfer of money into the integrated wallet through means of banking online, which also involves credit cards and debit cards. The convenience of having money in your Paytm wallet is amazing as via that channel you can conveniently carry out a lot of transactions without the need of cash.

You can conveniently carry out transactions on Paytm that would normally demand cash. Among such transactions are recharging your mobile phones, even metro cards as far as your DTH cable. You could equally make postpaid payments for your phones, pay your electricity tariffs as well as settle your bills pertaining to gas and water. Also you have the avenue of purchasing goods directly from the e-commerce platform of the company via the medium of a Paytm wallet.

It is an established fact that Paytm ranks among the largest recharge sites in India which proffers solutions for instant mobile bill payment as well as online prepaid recharge. Overtime the we have come to accept the credibility of Paytm as well as the dedication of the company towards delivery of convenient online continent recharge experience. One good thing about recharging with Paytm is Paytm is very available the 24 hours of the day and the 7 days of the week. This is really lovely as it comes at no additional cost to you enjoying the service. This way there is no physical or cost inconvenience when recharging with Paytm.


Users have so far attested to the fluency of Paytm as a reliable destination for mobile recharges. The company in truth boasts a high level of safety in transacting prepaid recharge for all every provider in India. Among these Indian providers, are Vodafone, Airtel, Idea, Tata, Reliance and many others. All there is to be done is make your selection of your payment medium (this could be via credit card or your debit card, your Paytm wallet or Net banking). So you can simply log in to the website (this is also possible through Paytm mobile App) and then access its mobile recharge services. Of course you have the Paytm app on platforms like the iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, as well as the Android One platforms. Thus you can proceed to downloading the Paytm App after which you could go about recharging at your convenience without any stress.

This overview may not be sufficient as many new persons to Paytm kind of find it difficult to enjoy the services of PayTM for the first time especially as to making their mobile recharges.

Step by step guide carefully guiding them through the procedure of recharging becomes necessary

The first step involves going to Good when the page opens, proceed by logging in to your PayTM account. When you have logged in, you will need to specify the phone you intend recharging. Let’s say you want to recharge your phone, you will now input the needed details as shown by the required fields.

If you have filled the fields, simply tap the Recharge button to proceed to completing the payment. You can complete the recharge using your payment option. This could be your debit card, your credit card, net banking or any other payment option shown there. So you are through successfully recharging successful. That is all!

So you see recharging your mobile is not stressful at all. You can now enjoy mobile recharges on Paytm 24 hours of the seven days of the week at your convenience. Enjoy!!

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