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04 Jun

Best Pc Games That You Should Play Before You Die

Best pc games Amazing Top 10 PC Games to Play or you can download these pc games

best pc games Best pc games Hey there, do you like to sit for hours behind your monitor and play games till your fingers get numb? Then you really need to check these games out. These are the games that have every gamer up all night either playing or dreaming about playing. I will briefly review them in no particular order. Although these can be found in other devices, I will dwell mostly on pc games.

GTA V one of the best pc games

GTA V - best pc games

This is one of my all time favorites also best pc games. Not only that but also among the very top PC games. After what seemed like a lifetime of waiting, Rockstar finally gave the people what they had been waiting for. GTA V is a sigh of relief after the major flop which was GTA IV. With a mid range or high performance PC, you are sure to be treated to a mind blowing experience.

GTA V is an open world game whose setting is in the fictional area of San Andreas which closely resembles Southern California. There are three main characters in the game: Michael, a former criminal who lives a lavish life from the proceeds of his former life but feels stuck in a rut; Franklin, who is a hustler trying to get a better life for himself and Trevor who is a meth dealer with very little or no conscience.

The game has a beautiful story that stands out from its predecessors. Aside from that, it is two steps ahead of any other open world game when it comes to visualization. With 4K support and doing a steady 60fps, this game's graphics are nothing if not realistic. Rockstar has spared no efforts in world creation with so many beautiful scenes and a whole modern day city. It is often that I go on free roam and just admire the world Rockstar has created. What's more beautiful, you can play GTA Online which though experiencing bugs on release, has received several updates. It now supports up to 30 players on one platform, though with no real storyline, its still worth the time given the beyond words experience.

With a steady gaming PC, this game should definitely be on your home screen. You can head over to the official Rockstar game distribution site or other PC game download points.

Max Payne 3 is also one of the best pc games

best pc games Max Payne 3-new games for pc

This is another Rockstar creation Best pc Game. Its been about a decade since the first Max Payne debuted. Max Payne 3 is nothing like the rest and could really be ranked among the best Computer Game. In the beginning, Max has lost all meaning of life and drinks himself silly everyday probably waiting for death. Things begin to spice up when someone shows up claiming to be his friend at the police academy. Well, Max doesn't particularly remember him, but with his current drinking problem, he doesn't remember much. Well, this new guy, Raul Passos offers Max a security job in Brazil. Max is not interested, but an eventuality at the bar changes his mind and he's off to Sào Paolo. There he expects the job to be easy protecting a local millionaire's family, but again, this is Max Payne, trouble follows him everywhere. He soon finds himself in the middle of a crisis and must fight till the end to get his life back. This game is quite emotional and you often find yourself as eager as Max to fight for justice.

However, this game is not for the faint hearted. Whichever mode you choose at the beginning of the game, it is well beyond difficult and heartbreaking. This does not make it any less interesting, in fact, this just spices things up. Gunplay is a notch harder but has a more adrenaline sense to it. All in all, this is an excellent plot that will keep you playing in suspense. For the top pc games, I would vote this for the first place.

Batman Arkham Asylum

best pc games Batman Arkham Asylum PC game

From large number of games this game is also best pc games this is a game based on the batman comic series, taken right from the TV ad it is to assuming the top best pc games. The PlayStation 3 version was released in August 2009 with the Windows version following the next month. Albeit being older than most of the games on this list, and indeed not being the latest Arkham game, it is still a quite commendable game. It's plot is quite dynamic, with Batman being the protagonist, in pursuit of Joker, who is a threat to Gotham city. This pursuit leads him to Arkham Island, specifically Arkham Asylum, which is a confinement for the criminally insane. This is after Joker is arrested in a bank robbery, and Batman believes he was arrested on purpose. Joker now threatens that if anyone enters Arkham, he will detonate hidden bombs in Gotham city, making Batman go on his own. Batman has to go through dozens of other villains before getting to Joker. There is also a provision for the player to explore Arkham in search of treasure left by the Riddler.

Batman can also use several  weapons in combat such as the batarang, he can also use "detective vision" which enables the player see the number of enemies in a vicinity, their awareness of his presence, weak walls that can be broken and so forth.

This is an overall good game to play. That is the story of a best pc games like boo other.

The Rise of the Tomb Raider

best pc games The rise of the tomb raider game download

This is a resuscitation of the tomb raider series, and as hard as it is to do that, I must say it's a job well done. Unlike tomb raider (2013), which had chosen to play safe, this game has gone to great lengths to give a good gaming experience. It plots the story of Lara Croft a year after her adventures in Yamatai Island. She's on a mission to redeem her deceased father who died before proving his claim of a Holy Grail-like artifact which grants the discoverer immortality. In her quest, the Trinity are at her neck ready to slay her. The Trinity did not only threaten her father, but also covered up the events at Yamatai discrediting Lara.

The game is a nice break from tomb raider (2013), with a more solid combat and an emphasis on Lara's trademark bow and arrow. It also incorporates free roam which is filled with adventure and occassioned by gunplay.

The game is quite impressive performance wise, doing a steady 60fps with the right settings on a mid range or high end PC. This is definitely a game you would want to play.

Hitman Absolution

best pc games Hitman absolution Game

Definitely not one of the new games for PC, but among the top best pc games altogether.

Agent 47, your favorite bald and brave hitman is at it again. Released six years after hitman blood money, I cannot correctly say whether it was worth the wait. Hitman absolution still has all the beauties of playing hitman; you're given a target or targets and you pick the best way to take them out in the most professional way. Sometimes it's so entertaining to walk around police stations in disguise without raising alarm and quickly hiding bodies after killing them. A new instinct system helps you locate NPCs and targets through walls and shows you interactive objects in the environment. It also helps you stay disguised for a while from people who would have otherwise seen through your disguise. It's really fun and has a rush of adrenaline rushing when you creep up on a target to kill them silently.

However, the fun stops soon enough when you notice several glaring problems with the game. One is when you have gone so far in a level, only to reload from the beginning. This happens when you blow your disguise and you're killed. This game seemingly has no saving strategy, so you either finish the level or start over. This is a huge problem when you are in a mission that requires you to take cover and wait for the opportune moment, you may get very bored having to start over. Starting over also resurrects enemies who you probably struggled to kill.

Aside from the campaign mode which has the above issues, there's the contracts mode where you call the shots, and create a custom mission with your preferred conditions. This comes as a relief and changes the dull nature of the game.

This game may disappoint in some areas, but will totally make it up to you in others. The PC game download for this game is not so tricky though.

James Bond Blood Stone

best pc games James Bond blood stone pc games

From all best pc games  is game is also best Contrary to expectation, this game is not tied to any 007 movie. Right from the beginning, it gives the sense of action and assures you that you're playing a James Bond game. However, after that steamy introduction, the first levels are quite slow with lots of scenery and less action and may actually compel you to quit playing. Things nonetheless get back on track in higher levels, giving the game back its first impression. The action begins when Bond chases a drug lord in Athens, but in the course of the game he tours the world catching all types of criminals. Though designed as a third person shooter, hand combat is often incorporated and with the hit of one button, James can execute a nearby enemy with exciting strategy.

James also has several spy gadgets such as his super smartphone which can hack any security system at the touch of a button. These are however mostly irrelevant to the mission.

The most fun part of the game is the car chase which never disappoints. Even in the early levels, the car chase is exciting, being a nice break from the boring missions. This short game ( roughly eight hours in single player mode) is worth the time. Not that I would vote this as the best game for PC, but then a second place wouldn't miss.

Prince of Persia Sands of Time

best pc games Prince of Persia sands of time

You probably played Prince of Persia (the first), which was a mega success and was incorporated into any existing device. Well, sands of time does not kill this legacy. Be ready and willing to have immense fun before you play this game. After a terrible Prince of Persia 3D, Ubisoft has managed to pull this one off.

That said, there are several issues with the game. First is getting used to the camera, it will take some time but you will get the hang of it. Second is learning to control the prince effectively. Once you get used to these two, you are good to go. Sands of time has also included a new feature, where instead of reloading the level, you can rewind the time and redo the jump or stunt that you blundered in. Overall, this is a very fun game and can run on basically any PC worth its salt.

Watch Dogs

best pc games WATCH DOGS pc game download

From all the best pc games is game is the best one Another Ubisoft creation best pc games, set in a fictional Chicago Illinois, is an open world, action, third person shooter game. You play as Aiden Pearce, a grey hat computer hacker who seeks for revenge after the murder of his niece. Released in November 2014, it was highly anticipated and became Ubisoft's highest first day selling game on its release date.

Aiden has access to the ctOS, which is a central OS that runs majority of the systems in Chicago. You have access to all this in Aiden's in-game smartphone. He uses this tool to serve vengeance in his own unique way. Control the traffic lights to manipulate cars to block the road to avoid your victim from escaping, stop a train and board it to run from the police. You basically have the whole city in your hands.

Aside from a few technical errors in the first version, this game is fun to play and gives a beautiful sense of power as you manipulate the city's systems and seek revenge.

You will however need a powerful machine to run this game smoothly. It's advisable to keep off you're not confident of your machine's performance.

This is definitely worth the time. And worth being listed among the top PC games that you should check out on the PC game download sites.

Half-Life 2

best pc games Half-life 2 game for pcFrom all best pc games Much had been expected of Half life's sequel. In fact people over expected. But no one expected that it would surpass all these expectations. Half life was a revolution vary game that brought a new mentality on first person shooter games. In this game, you again assume the role of Gordon Freeman, who in the first game saved the world from an alien invasion. The story begins with Gordon standing in front of G-man, the mysterious character from the first game. At the end of the first game, G-man offers Gordon a job or else he would kill him. If he chose the latter there would be no sequel, so you can imagine the choice made. I have no words to begin to describe this game  which has been rated best pc game of all time by a good number of critics. Not wanting to preempt the fun, all I can say is, get this game!

Fallout 3

best pc games Fallout 3 new PC game

This list would not have been complete without including this revolutionary game. It is true that a sequel, Fallout 4 is out, but it was not much of an improvement, so I chose to dwell on the Fallout 3 Majesty. Its the year 2227 and you and your father are residents of a bunker (bunker 101), most of the remaining residents of the world live in such settlements to shield themselves from the radioactivity remnants of a nuclear war two centuries before. All of a sudden, your father disappears without saying a word. You are hence compelled to go out to the surface in search of him. When you get there you find yourself in the middle of a crisis and do some things that will change the future forever.

Best pc games  This game is a 10/10. Get it now if not right now, a rating no top pc Games achieves.

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