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28 Aug

Pokemon List of 15 Pokemon Names and Specialties

Pokemon names Explore the World of Pokemon Games with Unique Names

Are you a pokemon lover? Well, this is a popular cartoon that is developed with several special characters who have differentiated elements in it and at the same time the positive points of each is developed. The elements, positive points, fighting spirit and also the

Composition of each character is what the players look for. The popularity of the fighting squad increased with the release of pokemon games that were played by school goers a few decades ago. The release of Pokemon Go in the year 2016 rampantly increased the fame of the cartoon and the squad.

The Pokemon Go games released for android and iOS. These games are adrenaline exciters that pushes the excitement of players to a huge extent. There are hundreds of pokemon characters that snatches the heart players and cartoon watchers with their fighting quality. Let’s take a look at the pokemon names that one can find in Bulbapedia that is basically pokemon encyclopedia created by pokemon enthusiasts. Players and community that loves everything about the game.

List of 15 Pokemon Names and Specialities

As stated earlier, one knows there are hundreds of names that are actually associated with the games. Knowinking and listing all of then under the same category is daunting and to ease the task we took out 25 great pokemon game and cartoon character of all times, as their english character names run:

  1. Haunter is a character known for its tiny hands and gross attacks.
  2. Snorlax is known for its eyes remaining closed as always and halting actions with his butt. He is also known for the nap he takes.
  3. Suicune, known for carrying a grand purple mane in its head this character is a grand popular among the mass.
  4. Charizard is a dragon liked by almost all the enthusiasts.
  5. Mewtwo is known for all the sweet vengeance it takes over all those that mess with it in the fight.
  6. Blastoise is known for the two cannons fitted at its backside. This is considered as a tough foe while fighting.
  7. Mew exists as a myth and helps those who are true to their hearts.
  8. Gengar is known for its teeth and grand appearance with powerpact combat against all odds.
  9. Lugia is known for guarding the sea and has two teeth that is the strength in the beast. It is considered as the leader of legendary birds.
  10. Umbreon is a latin name derived for another character in pokemon games and cartoon.
  11. Zapdos appears as a beaked mosquito and is a legend of kanto. Quite dangerous when messed with.
  12. Scyther is cousin of Traktor, known for is framing equipment like arm used for battle.
  13. With each leg having brain in itMetagross is quite popular a character.
  14. Scizor is known for its crab like appearance and forearms.
  15. Gyarados is actually a tiny fish that appears dragon like when called for a battle.

There are lot of other pokemon names that one can find while searching for. These rules the list with the specialities each have and popularity among the players.

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