Relationship Problems Communication
21 Jun

Relationship Problems Communication

Most people haven’t learned how critical communication is in a relationship. Without it intimate relationship is difficult. This is because you cannot be able to express or listen to one another hence no intimacy. Developing a good communication between partners enables them to preserve a respectful and loving relationship.


Forgo technology for even a day and try to make physical communication. Talk to one another one on one. This enables you to experience your partner. Learn their reactions and explanation. Crack jokes and react to those jokes. Physical communication is part of intimacy and it brings your closer to your partner

Determine emotional mood

Find out if they are in a good mood to discuss or talk. Don’t just bombard your partner with explanations or questions without first knowing whether or not they are in the mood to share.  If they are not, ask them what time will he/she be ready to talk. Schedule a plan and honor it.

Apologize when necessary

If you are in the wrong don’t insist. Just do the honorable thing and apologize. Hardliners have broken many relationships. Your partner knows you are not perfect so don’t pretend to be. If she /he has offended you request an apology. Establish the culture of apologizing and forgiveness. This makes your relationships an open and understanding one. This makes it easier to succeed.

Be plain in your requests and needs

Do not expect your partner to read your mind and know what you need. It pays to be open and tell them exactly how you feel and what you need. This avoids friction and misunderstanding.

Protect and support your partner

You may have quarreled, but if he/she is making an attempt to resolve or get together support them. Don’t be a loner and hold grudges. Nobody will resolve your differences for you if you don’t extend an olive branch to each other. Be willing to listen and resolve your dispute as partners.

Manage your emotions

Do not take it out on your partner whatever happened elsewhere and she/he wasn’t party to it. Remember they are your partner and they can help you get through it. However, you have to learn to regulate your emotions to avoid creating a crisis.


Learn to respect your partner. When they ask you to do something for them just do it. Be kind to your partner even when they are not kind to you.  Learn to extend an olive branch to your partner once in a while.  Talk to each other and express your feelings.

Be flexible

 Flexibility in problem solving and in a relationship is important.  Always be open to different ideas or opinions. It does not be little you but serves to make you stronger to each other.  Do not be overly opinionated or close minded as it inhibits good communication in a relationship.

Good communication can help a relationship withstand heartbreak. It guards against misunderstanding and helps strengthen problem and conflict resolution mechanisms in the relationship. Always ensure you are in good terms with your partner and finding out how they are holding up. Make it a habit of talking to one another face to face not simply relying on technology.

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