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15 Jan

How to recover from low blood sugar – AC

Low Blood Sugar-Dont Worry Follow These Simple Steps

Riding the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster isn’t Any Funny


            What is hypoglycemia? Hypoglycemia, is also known as low blood sugar. Hypoglycemia seems to be all about the things you can’t enjoy. But as you continue in your recovery, your ability of senses, which have been dulled by artificial seasonings and sweets, will wake up and you’ll find that you’re enjoying food more than ever and what is the most exciting is you’re brimming with good health. There are severalstep that can help you overcome the temptation.

            Firstly, just toss it! Go through your pantries, refrigerator, drawers and toss out anything that’s on the list of foods to avoid. If you need your favourite fix, you’ll just have to go to the supermarket and buy them.

            Next, breathe. When you get strong appetency to eat something non-hypoglycemically-correct, take in very deep breaths. Continue breathing until the strong craving disappears. Aim to breathe like this at least for five minutes and you’re going to be okay.

            Besides, bathe. Go take a bath or shower. Water can helps to stagnant your energy and, soaking in a hot bathtub can help relax you. For stress relief, pour a little of lavender and chamomile oils in your bath. The scent will eventually dispel the blues.

            Furthermore, drink. Sometimes you may have crave for a certain food to eat when actually you’re thirsty. Instead of giving in your cravings, slowly have a glass of water. Wait at least 20 minutes before you decide whether to eat or not. You may find that your craving has disappeared.

            In addition, visualize. Imagine yourself happy and healthy free of all food addictions. Picture what life will be like when you recover. Think of what you’ll achieve instead of how depressed you feel right now.

            Moreover, do meditation. Ask yourself what feeling you’re trying to feel by eating the food you’re craving. Love? Ease? Meditate and bring the feeling back into you. Imagine a balloon hovering above your head, and let it expand. Fill it up with all the sensations that you want and now the balloon will start to glow like the sun. Then, let the balloon pop and burst, and let the contents cascade down onto you, bathing all the cells of your body. Let your body absorb everything fully and completely.

            You can also use alternative sweeteners such as stevia and xylitol that won’t trigger a rapid insulin response. The most important step is you have to avoid the consumption of artificial sweetener. Kick aspartame out of the window to stay healthy!

            Lastly, you have to get active. Instead of sinking your fangs into food, do something else. You don’t have to transform yourself into a superhero in the blink of an eye, or overhaul your lifestyle overnight but, take baby steps and soon you’ll be ten times better than you ever were!

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