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05 Sep

Signs he likes you how to know if he likes you – AC

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Guys naturally do many subconscious things in front of the woman they find attractive. Apart from some obvious signs he likes you, find out some less obvious ones that will show his real desires that he is hiding from you and himself!

With no further ado, here are weird signs he likes you or some undeniable signs that he likes you:

1. The Guy Says It

It can’t be more obvious. If he tells you “I like you,” there is a high probability that he isn’t lying. The main question is that in what manner he “like you.” He wants to marry you or just have sex, or in a friendly way as he thinks you are cool.

To get your answers check out the tone of his voice and his expression when he said: "I like you."

2. Too many Questions

The guy is trying to continue the conversation with you by asking unnecessary and irrelevant questions.

Suppose both of you are at a club, or house party, or in the street and out of politeness he is asking you questions which seem was unnecessary, it is probably one of the signs he likes you. However, if he asked you simple questions like "where are you from?' or "from which college?" it does not mean he likes you. Maybe he is just trying to be nice by making small talk.

If the guy is asking you these questions when you are just strangers, then probably he is attracted towards you. These small conversations are not biggest signs but are plus to have it. If he doesn't like you, he won't put much effort to talk with you unless he will gain something.

In a situation where the guy is talking with you without any need (in exams or work), is a great sign. When the guy asks you personal questions and wants to dig deeper into your life to find more about you, it is a great sign.

3. He Finds Interest in everything You like

He is asking questions to get information about you to “hook” you. Suppose you mentioned about a song you liked and he started discussing how much he likes the same song, actor, or movie too – he’s subconsciously trying to check the compatibility and common interests. If he likes he won’t get into an argument with you, instead he will try to be likable.

When your conversation has “Me too’s!” – that’s probably a big sign you are compatible.

4. He Leans in

Whenever you talk to him about anything, he leans in towards you. Look at the amount he puts efforts to have a conversation with you. This is the easiest way to tell if he likes you.

Look at his body language to notice his effort in the conversation, notice the amount of attention he is giving to his body. A normal guy will lean in or be closer to you, while a player type of guy might lean back to show disinterest in you. Just because he shows disinterest in you doesn’t mean he doesn't like you.

5. He Always Comes Up to You

When he comes and starts a deep conversation with you as a stranger, he probably wants to hit on you. If you know him and he always comes to talk with you in college or parties, this can also be one of the signs he likes you (if there were his other friends as well, but he was with you).

6. He Acts Different Around You

Be with him in a group of your mutual friends, then leave him there with an excuse to check his behavior change when you are not around. If he acts different, then probably he was trying to be that way to impress you or was shy in front of you. Like he might remain quiet, nervous and shy or talkative, funnier and cooler in front of you. Either way, he likes you. However, this situation doesn't apply when it comes to mature guys.

7. He Intentionally Ignores You

Some guys ignore girls they like to get their attention. This usually happens when the girl in question popular among other guys, and a lot of guys want to talk to her. So this type of girl won't talk get impressed with him easily and probably she will put him in the friend zone. And this guy will ignore you in front of everyone, but try to talk with you when you are alone. He will try to look for a sign from your side that you are interested in talking with him.

A guy will ignore you in two cases – either he doesn't like you at all, or he really likes you and is trying to hide it and cool and tough. If he is trying too hard to ignore you, it is one of the signs he likes you.

For instance, if he doesn't like you but is in a situation where you can have a discussion, he will be available for the conversation. But if he likes you, he will either be shy and polite or give mixed signals with unusual behavior. When he tries to hide his feelings, he ends up doing something clearly shows his feelings, but then again he starts being mean for no proper reason to confuse you. The important thing to note will be any behavior which looks unusual and weird is one of the signs he likes you.

Guys usually try to act cold towards their loved ones. But if he acts completely normal, then he doesn't find much interest in you. Find out the reason behind the ignorance – he likes you, he is uninterested in you or he likes you but think he can't get you.

8. He is Turning His Body Towards You

He wants to look at you but doesn't want to make it obvious. His body is giving him a way. Some guys usually remain unaware of their own feelings, while others are afraid of rejection.

Some More Tips for How to Know If A Guy Likes You and signs he likes you but is hiding it

Have a crush on someone, but do not know the feeling is mutual? Or maybe you're curious to know that, that guy likes you too or check you out like you do? Whatever the reason that you need to know there are some very special ways, this guy definitely interested in you- or maybe not! 

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1. Check his body language

 Body language can be a big Tell when to see it, comes when this guy likes you or not. Interestingly, experts believe that while there is about 52 body language of women tells a guy that she is interested in you and guys around 10 body language. If you bet on this theory, this should allow your guess become easier! However, you still need to know what to look for, as well as make sure you do not mistake innocent gestures of love call- the last error could be embarrassing. To consider some of the signs of body language. With the help of body language, you can examine if a guy likes you or not.

2. Try to notice of his eye contact.

 Eye contact can show you if a guy likes you or not.  As already mentioned, a guy who is interested in you, He'll see you a lot, even if hidden. He may try to catch your eye, or, if he is shy, he can suddenly turn away, if you get him to check you out. To test his interest, scanning his face for four seconds, then look away (do not look any longer or become clumsy). Then look back – if eye contact maintained with you or increased, he's interested. If his eyes are lost in the mouth then he is certainly interesting. If you feel that eye contact is maintained only a fraction of a second longer than you would with any other person, or if he quickly looked away then there is something there. On the other hand, if he does not make eye contact with you, and start looking around the room, then he is not interested in you.

3. Listen what he is saying.

If a guy likes you, and he is nervous or anticipates the opportunity to come closer, he will probably talk starting about himself. Often, the boys feel the need to prove himself, especially when you talking about some other guy.

4. Evaluate his interest in touching and be touched.

 Touch is an important signal of interest to develop a relationship and can observe how he touches you how and how you react to his touches. If he is interested in you, he could put his hand on you when he laughs, he can gently brush his leg against your, but do not move again, so he kiss you for little things like greeting, express emotions through to tell a story or simply because looks like you need a hug. On the other hand, do not touch to see what happens – with a soft brush of your hand against his neck, makes running through his hand his forearm with the hand or fingers after joking with him. He is interested in you if he answers and does not move away, or when his hand moves to stay in your arm or leg. On the other hand, if he is little tense or moving his hand when he was not interested. With the help of touching, you can examine if a guy likes you or not

5. Watch his actions to see if he behaves differently from the rest of their group.

 If a guy likes you or interested in you then he can start protectively to you, or to being a gentleman (at least to the extent that his behavior interpreted as such). Look for signs such as changing his chair closer to you, his arm around the back of your chair, leaving his jacket behind of the chair, or even go so far as his jacket around you to protect you from the cold.

6. Pay attention to him a sudden interest in things that shows you like and not.

If you like music, he does not know a song, he might ask you to suggest a band or artist to listen to. Or, he may have trouble to find out your favorite band playing at a weekend, bring this together, or did not go there, listen to the request of yours. And, if you introduced him to a television program, he did not really understand and become his new favorite things this may be a sign that he likes you, especially if he goes out of the way, catch up with you to discuss the unfold TV shows. Attention can show you if a guy likes you or not

7. Check if he is nervous of not.

 The signs of nervous can show you if a guy likes you or not. The signs of nervous are laughter, sweaty palms, deep breaths, restless, or maybe just a glance away quickly when you notice him looking at you, that all may be signs of attraction to you. If he is worried about the impression making impression, which means he works hard you are probably very close to starting the move.

8. Notice his friends.

If they know that he is interested in you, they might tease him subtly when you are around him, or even trying to figure out, if you like him. Notice their reactions in your presence? Did they talk to him? Do it in a way that you do not anything. If you really want to a guy likes you or not then try to notice their friends.

9. See if he imitates you.

Taking into account the actions of others is a sign of mutual liking and is usually unconscious. If you copy that notice was often his actions, there is a high probability that you imagine. You can check his behavior too, for example, touch your hair while reading, face brush when brushing, sitting in the same direction etc. Subliminal signals you will scream I love you too.

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