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26 Sep

Simple Tips To Show You How To Repair Zipper – AC

How to repair zipper? It often happens with us that when we put our clothes on, we find that the zipper is broken or while packing up our bag going out or for the trip, we put so much stuff inside that the slider comes out of the zipper. Just imagine what will happen in case on a particular day, you have only one ironed pant in your cupboard and you have to rush for an important meeting. Suddenly, while wearing it, you find out that the slider has come off the zipper completely. Now what to do? Your small world will really spin in a few seconds. You do not have sufficient time to go to the tailor to get it repaired since you are already getting late for work.

Let’s find out few readily available fixes for this slider zipper duo

Here we will talk about a simple and easy quick fix method to put the slider back on the zipper without damaging the fabric/garment to which the zipper is stitched. It can be a garment or a bag or anything.


Fixing the slider back on the zipper – To repair zipper, make two slits – one on either side of the two zipper tracks between the teeth. The slits should be made at the below ends to get sufficient open area in order to do the work. Make the slits deeper but carefully so that you won’t cut the fabric on which the zipper is stitched. This will help you to repair zipper.



In the next step to repair zipper, take the slider and place it on a flat surface with one side of the zipper facing up. Take a flat head screw driver and open the gap a bit more that becomes visible on the side of the slider. The same needs to be repeated on the other side of the slider as well. This will help you to repair zipper

Hope you have successfully done the above 2 steps!!!!


To repair zipper now, place the slider on the ends where the slit was made. Insert 2-3 teeth of the zipper track into the slider simultaneously. As soon as you see the zipper teeth coming out from the down or narrow side of the slider just stop there and hold the zipper teeth that have come out from the narrow side of the slider.

This can be done either with the nails or finger tips of your left hand, if you are a right handed person otherwise hold it with your right hand, if you are left handed.

Now, pull the slider upwards on the zipper slowly so that the slider moves on both the sides of the zipper track equally and in synchronization with each other. This will help you to repair zipper


To repair zipper, once you have put the slider back on the zipper track then squeeze the sides of the slider one side at a time with the help of pliers so as to remove the gap or reduce the gap on the sides of the slider i.e. the slits we had made to put it back on track. You can also squeeze the slider from the top if required. This will help you to repair zipper

Kindly note: Do not put excess pressure while squeezing as it may break the slider.


To repair zipper, now take some candle wax or a piece of candle. Rub the wax on the zipper track. It will make the zipper track smooth and you won’t face any difficulty in moving the slider up and down. Move the slider up and down several times to make sure that the slider is functioning well. This will help you to repair zipper.


To repair zipper, once you are satisfied with the working of the slider, sew the zipper track at the spot where the slit was made using a needle and thread in wrap-around manner.

Finally you are good to go and attend your meeting but don’t forget this was a temporary fix so get it fixed permanently so that you don’t get stuck again.

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