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11 Dec

Amazing 10 things that help you to simplify your life – AmazeCraze

Life has changed dramatically over the years. Our lives have become busier and the key mantra is instant gratification. We are constantly bombarded with commitments, mails, twitter feeds and it becomes really overwhelming at times. Simplifying our lives can help us in overcoming these feelings. But how do you simplify your life? For everyone simple living holds a different meaning. Ideally, the key to having a simple life involves eschewing meaningless things and adding peace to our lives. Essentially, there is just simplify your life and that is, to removing all the needless things from our lives. But that is easier said than being done. So here we present 10 things that can simplify your live and make you go Zen!

1. Managing Possessions

Too many possessions can complicate your lives in a way you can’t even imagine. You’ve got to ask yourself the life-saving question “Is it worth losing sleep or peace of mind over them?”

These possessions keep us away from our loved ones when we are supposed to invest in relationships instead.

2. Reduction of Goals to simplify your life

Trying to run behind too many goals will only leave you disappointed, upset and unsuccessful. Try to reduce the number of goals and focus on one goal at a time. Finish one and target the next.

3. Your commitment towards time

In today’s world, one doesn’t even come to know when the day began and when it ended and when the cycle repeated!

What’s the point of committing to a million things when you can’t even keep track of time? You’ve got to identify the value giving commitments to simplify your life and I’m definitely not talking about monetary value.

4. Saying Goodbye to Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are just as harmful to us the way junk food is. Do you want to hassle free?

Then, my friend you just need to kick these thoughts out of your life coz trust me, they aren’t of any use. You need to let go of the past to look forward to a brighter future ahead. Everyone deserves to be happy.

5. Pressure of Debt

If your debts are a reason for your stress, please start reducing them right now. You’re not getting any kind of relief by postponing it. The more you sort it out, the lighter you’re going to feel. And once all the debt has left you, make sure you don’t owe anyone. Help anyone without demanding but do not owe.

6.  Using the gift given by God

Our words are actually a gift given to us. Please use them wisely with a genuine reason because they are really precious. Avoid gossip as it doesn’t take you anywhere ahead in life. You need to be soft spoken and true in order to simplify your life.

7.  Stop using artificial ingredients

People today are bound by artificial foods or supplements they can’t live without. By avoiding them, you can simplify life to a great extent. Avoid using tablets for everything and give the body chance to heal itself.

8.  Time spent in front of the screen

Try reducing your screen time in front of devices such as laptops, TVs, phones, etc. These devices affect our brain cells making us hassled all the time without any reason.

9. Connections to the outside world

Having a huge social circle is not bad, but submission towards them isn’t a good thing either. You must be able to do things when you want. Self-imposed social restrictions are only stopping you from being happy.

10. Multi-tasking

It has been proved that multitasking increases pressure and only lowers productivity. Try to practice smart multitasking which can help you to be in peace as well.

You don’t need to worry and cry if you haven’t been able to simplify your life. Start today because it’s never too late. You are responsible for your own happiness.

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